Rexdale/Humber College North

So I’ve been asking on other threads if there’s anyone in my area but haven’t gotten much response. So this is my last chance. Does anyone meet up in this area? I got to humber college quite often since i drive my wife to class and then i have to wait drive back to pick her up, might as well get some games in :smiley:

I live in this area and have never been able to find other players. I just gave up on the idea.

Myself, braches and ariels play in the area. You can got to IRC in the #gtasf channel and find us there.

I’ve run the wait job sometimes at Humber… I just drove down to woodbine mall and hit up the last arcade in the area for like 100Kms… Good luck Chuu!

When and where do you guys play usually?

Woodbine was my arcade I used to live across the street …good times…

woodbine is so dead now :frowning:

ya, the entire mall just died…i’m surprised people still go there…
it use to be a mallrats dream, now it’s just dead.

chuu - apparently there’s casuals going on at Humber, hopefully someone posts more details soon

i like what i’m hearing jamin3131, dig up more info :smiley:

i found this information over at the brampton thread.
Do people have to bring anything to the MVP meetings?

If Humber’s down, some of Seneca@York’s finest players are coming next tuesday for some fighting game carnage.

we need a humber spokes person to come in here…

They do have causals at Humber. Last week was my first time going. I believe they host casuals on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 10.

do you know where or who to contact?

Hey guys. There’s a meeting this Tuesday starting at 5 in the B building. B212 or B213. Ill try to make it. Depends on if my wife has class or not. She’s trying to get into a class…we’ll see.

i’ll be there today, i’ll be the one with the high school of the dead stick :slight_smile:

this is awesome. i think ill make it out to this too.

hello everyone. I’m the president of MVP club. chuu told me about the thread so I’ll explain everything for you. MVP start on Tues n Thurs at 4:30-10:00. we do play any games, but majority of the time it is fighting game. it happen in b213 on both days in humber. the Facebook group is The club is welcome to everyone. you don’t have to be a Humber student to join.

It was nice meeting everyone yesterday. Its cool that you guys play on the projector and have another smaller up. Would guys consider playing CVS 2. I could bring my ps2 and ps2 stick.

there is some (me as well) who play cvs 2 if you want u can bring it