Hi, I have a new website up with my art & comics.

Please visit and comment! Thank you.

I like your SF Issue 14 cover. :clap:

There’s some really sweat stuff in the Artwork section. Transformers, Raphael the Ninja Turtle, Samus Aran, The Legend of Zelda, Spider-Man, and Iron Man oh my!

Heck yeah.

If it’s cool, I’ll draw it.

I like the fact that all the shotokan warrior’s are on the cover together. That’s so awsome. I’m happy you got a website too. ROCKS! :rock:

So do you come up with the cheap shots idea all by yourself?
Some of those comics are just too funny. Especially the dan ones.
{His car getting totaled and the one where he picks a fight with kids}

Yeah I loved those comics just as much as the story. They go together. I’m sad they are not in the TPB.

So have you always been a SF fan? :pleased:

dude u switch ur site like u got a.d.d also does david linder have a site? I saw a promo for an art gallery ur in i found graham but i cna’t track down david linder…also on the poster…areall of the art u or just the guy on the bottom?

Great pics Rey keep up the good work…

Thanks a lot for the comments guys!

gabriel- i think of all the cheap shots myself, yes. i’m glad you enjoy them! i’ve ALWAYS been a huge street fighter fan (capcom in general).

maxx- i thought i had his site bookmarked but i can’t seem to find it…

Hey guys, I also have my OWN book coming out–

There is a preview HERE, please check it out! If you like Street Fighter, you’ll like Sharknife!!!

Wow man your art work is dope, very original ^ ^

gotta say my fav piece was zombie pimpin, everything works!

best of luck to ya man, keep up the great work!

Sharknife looks like the shit.



I didn’t think over the top action would translate so well. Damn Rey.

Sharkknife looks really exciting. I hope it’s as entertaining as Cheap Shots.

One question:
Have you ever considered doing the main story art for any of the Capcom books? Even if it’s a back-up story?

I’ve dug The Rey for sometime (even without relising it as I had a previous site of his on my favorites before even knowing it was the same dude) …

… So yeah. Rey rawks. Truly. And I wants that Sharknife. 136 pages. Tight.

Leo- sure I have considered it. thing about my style is that it’s still a bit too far from the “traditional capcom” style… alvin and arnold do such a good job already that any contribution I would make would probably just throw the balance off, stylistically.

Honestly, capcom properties i would really like to draw are Strider or Resident Evil or Breath of Fire. Resident Evil has had a comic before, BoF might be a little hard to adapt… Strider is the one I would REALLY love to see-- but Erik has told me that perticular character is more complicated than most of Capcom’s other properties. Shame :expressionless:

thanks for the Sharknife comments, guys. it comes out REALLY soon. you all should check it out, even if you don’t buy it-- there are some things in it that i think you will really like (that aren’t even in these previews)!!!

Cool stuffs there. :tup:

Breath of fire would be so awsome. Who are the 2 dudes based on in Cheap shots? the ones that look like ryu and ken?

Yeah, every game he’s in Capcom has to credit Moto Kyaku…

gabriel- their names are “bobby” and “larry” which are 2 friends of mine (who are brothers) in real life, but the characters themselves are kind of just supposed to represent a typical SF fan, y’know? they’re not so much based on a specific person as they are just based on what it’s like to LOVE street fighter.

sano- that makes sense.

Bobby and Larry

Wow that’s nice of ya! I think you should draw the next Street Fighter anime series. and Have Bobby and Larry in the background in every episode!

Even though it would be hard a breath of fire comic would be so awsome. Would you have it based on the original or on 4?

Actually I liked the character designs in 3 the best… I never played the whole thing tho, so I dunno if the story is good for a comic.

Actually, ideally I guess I’d be able to design my OWN new characters :] of course, they would all have the traditional BoF models, Ryu (blue haired guy), a fairy, a man-beast, etc.