Rf Destroying The Beast And Realkim

damn he beat the shit out of this guy’s. he wasn’t random with the shit he knew what he was doing. he just own them hardcore? i ain’t talking shit. but damn else beat 1 or 2 of his characters else http://www.cyberfanatix.com/

am i the only one who thought this was going to be RF vs. Daigo in Guilty Gear?


me too

that was funny.
now the question is was it worth setting up an account at cybernfanatix?

Damn. Getting poked by Kula looks frustrating. Crazy ass Japanese style.

Kforce is garbage. As for REALKIM, he rolls so much online (lag tactic), if he uses that shit online, he must get beaten often, because rolling around someone does not work offline.

hahahahahah emil your the man. i always thought crapforce was trash, they talk made shit for nothing. RF GOING TO HELP PUT KOF ON THE MAP IN THE U.S. IF HE KEEPS THIS SHIT UP. :clap: