RFDC combos ?



Anyone find any good RFDC combos for Ryu? I cant find anything useful.


in corners its pretty easy to come up with ones but mid screen I not found a single one.


Mid screen you can do: f.HP > cl.MK xx FB > RF off any character you can do triple strongs on (cr. MP > cr.MP > st.MP) like Cammy, Juri etc.

(Also works on some characters you can’t do triple strongs on, for example Gen).

Any other character you can’t do that on you can do: f.HP > cl.MP > RF

Like jpb said you can pretty much cancel anything into red focus in the corner.


So far it seems that for most all characters, red focus combos are for new players. You burn tons of meter and don’t do any more damage…but they are a lot easier. I wish you could hit comfirm red focus off c.mk xx fireball midscreen. I’d probably do that, but it will basically always whiff. Spend your time figuring out how to use it on defense. That’s where it changes the game.


They look flashy and I use them to practise execution.

I agree red focus is good for defence I sometimes use it against the Decapre fireball ultra. Its funny how they auto pilot and try a mix up
then you absorb it all via red focus.


My favorite so far as been this one Vega that kept on trying to chip me with ex roll. He’d just do it from half screen. Every time I had meters I’d red focus it on reaction. lol. It’s goofy, though. I’m so used to waiting for one hit and then letting go that I fuck up a lot. Been trying to blow up scissor kicks with it, but I keep autopiloting and letting go in between the hits or I hold it to long and he blocks it.


Its hard to do online against Bison SK as if your in the corner, theres a small window to hit the three buttons before he does another SK.
Plus most of them go for a throw after you block them (all Bisons play the same).


Have you been trying RF on wake up? Its pretty gdlk in the cammy match up. It’s also good on wake up vs twins to an extent also…


Nah. I haven’t. Just on reaction to certain things. I’ve been trying not to just throw it out there. Two bars is expensive. I’ve been trying to use it in matchups where a character abuses a non armor breaking move. All that stuff that people have previously been like, “Haha, it doesn’t armor break, but who cares? It has 2 hits 5 frames apart.” Like red focusing Adon’s s.hk. Or lp machine gun blow. Things where I can either RF as soon as I have meter and get them to stop, or allow them to do all match and RF later for a kill combo. Let’s face it. RF does nothing huge for combos. In combos, it basically just allows you to trade a bar of meter for a 1f link or dash cancel and do similar damage. It’s kind of the opposite of normal focus. With normal focus, advanced players use it to extend combos and rarely attempt to crumple their opponent. Red focus is for advanced players to crumple their opponent and new player can use it to extend their combos.

Like, c.mp, c.hp xx red focus, ultra does pretty good damage. About the same as canceling to dp and using 2 bars to fadc to ultra. The first combo is way easier, though. It requires almost zero dexterity with the stick.


2 bars is the same as a dp escape, but with the nerf, it ends up being safer in match ups where the character doesn’t throw or focus break on your wake up. dp fadc forwad -5, RFA lvl1 dash forward -2. For 3 bars you’re still better off using EX dp fadc forward though. It’s like +1 or maybe +2. I’m sure you knew that, but for other people reading this I stuck that in there… Also, a bunch of wake up setups are anti dp setups but not anti focus since they expect to get a second hit off on landing (I know, sometimes cross ups happen. You just have to dash away at those times.)

The combos are more for charge characters. Some can get 500+ damage output now. Bison with ultra 2 and blanka with ultra 2 are particularly more dangerous to ryu now that they can use ultra in combos now (before if you just stopped using hadoken or used them close ranged, you nullified their ultra).

RFC was an option that I believe capcom acknowledged wouldn’t help ryu. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that EX dp cancel buff is essentially ryu’s RFC. It does everything RFC would do for ryu ultra wise, but has the added benefit of being inv. I’m not sure, but I think the damage is even the same (80?).

I think RFC combos are like dizzy. Its the reward you get for not needing your meter during the match. It gives you the opportunity to do extra damage from a regular combo because you were that much better than your opponent. Aggression gets rewarded with dizzy and good zoning + meter management gets you an easy high damage combo. I’ve found that most FRC combos are used last round to get a huge advantage on the opponent or to just kill them off. You could do a regular FADC combo, but why take the execution risk (especially in tournament with nerves pumping)…


There’s a few RF combos with Ryu that do decent damage, but massive stun. cr.MP > cl.st.HP is the go to link into red focus for certain characters otherwise cr.MP > cl.st.MP should be used universally. After RF, f+HP should be used universally, BUT cl.st.HK is a better option against characters as it does 10 more damage and 100 more stun than f+HP AND on some of those characters for example Cody and Dudley you can link a cr.HP after cl.st.HK into HK Tatsu.


After playing with other characters EX R.F. whats important is the hit confirm into the Red focus and how safe and useful it is.

A lot of characters can do it from a safe move leading into a RF crumple. Ryus hit confirms aren’t all that useful unless your already
hitting as you can be grabbed or DPed. Other characters dont have this problem since they can use a special and pressure.