RGB Controller for Balltop

So I am going to mod my case to have RGB balltop. I will be getting RGB 3mm from ebay, but not sure what I need to buy to control the RGB.

I have sparky jr from focusattack to control my LED buttons, but how do I control the Balltop RGB?

Please advise.

You cannot.
There is no RGB LED Balltop Controller currently.
I’m talking RGB LED with four leads; Red and Green and Blue and Cathode or Anode.

Sparky does not support Balltop.
FGWidget LED Controller does do Balltop, but not RGB.

Toodles does have RGB LED Controller in the making.
Maybe it will have RGB Balltop support.

Unless you are talking about those Color Changing LED.
Those with two leads; Cathode and Anode.
Then just connect to Ground and VCC.

I didnt even know color changing LED existed.

I will try it.

Thanks for the info

Yes, I have them in my Joystick.

RGB LED, the ones you bought, do not really need LED Controller.
In Tech Talk, LED Controller is not need for anything LED.
Only for LED Effects of the Buttons or Joystick.

Everything can be done without LED Controller.
The RGB LED you bought can still be used for some colors.
You can get Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White.
Just without the RGB LED Controller, you won’t get the million of colors in between.

is that a moded stick from gremlin solutions? I plan on ordering a few and moding…

I believe jdm modded that joystick to have the color changing LED himself.

you should be able to attach any microcontroller you want as long as you don’t add pullup resistors and you use some resistors to add impedance to the input pins of the microcontroller you are adding. RGB LED’s can be controlled from any microcontroller with PWM if you want to fade through the colors. you can even setup macro recognition so it turns blue when shoot a fireball. fading colors can be done with PWM (pulse width modulation)


here is an example using an arduino.

So what do you preffer as RGB controller for the joytick RGB? Can I get Sparky jr to get same effect?

Sparky, Sparky Jr, Sparky PWM SMD, Sparky-something.
None those will do anything Balltop.

When I say Balltop, I mean exclusively for Balltop effects.
Because of course, you can hack in Directional line to the Buttons.

If you want RGB Balltop with trillion of possible colors, you need RGB LED Controller.
tigermaskchi linked to one.

Then do some coding if you want to make the Balltop light up when you do directions or something.