RGB on my old consoles - questions


I got bit by the RGB bug and went about buying all the shit I needed to set up my snes, genesis and sega saturn for rgb output. I have some minor issues though, and I am trying to figure out where the problem is exactly.

My setup-
US NTSC SNES, Genesis, Saturn
3rd party RGB SCART cables - Saturn and SNES bought from electric quarter, sega model two bought from pcenginesales on ebay.
RGB->YUV Transcoder - cvs 287, bought from ebay. Looks like a knockoff of the csy 2100
Component cable - monoprice rg6 component (quality stuff) - also tested with cheap phillips cable from walmart

My issues
-On the genesis, there is some noise appearing at the bottom of the screen in the sonic games (tested with 2, 3, knuckles) - just the bottom row of pixels seem to be flickering random colors at times. Not a real big problem to be honest, I didnt notice it in vectorman or virtua racing.
-main problem On the snes, I get this image tear on really bright white screens. This is from contra III, the Konami logo and the intro with the big explosion

This happens only on my LCD (Sharp aquos 32 inch LC-32E67U) - I ran upstairs and tested on the component input of my older magnavox 27 inch crt, and it was fine.

So, is this solely a problem with my tv? I dont have this problem with the component out of my wii emulating contra III or any other game with the konami logo. I’ve tried with the official snes AC Adapter and with a third party one, and two different snes’s. I’m using an ac adapter from sprint for the transcoder - it matches the voltage/amp requirements and worked well for another user on a different forum. I could try changing that out if anyone could recommend a source. Is there something I could adjust in the transcoder that could solve this? I know it has several variable resistors in there and from what I’ve read you can adjust three of the five for R, G, B color balance.

One more problem - could someone reccomend a good scart switch (pref with seperate audio out). I got this philex one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110444002858 and while the 2nd and 3rd inputs work fine, the first one appears to be missing one of the fucking colors =((( (when using the switch, im using one of those sony male male scart cables I paid way too much for on ebay).


I have my saturn hooked up to a pioneer kuro via RGB. The picture and colours are wonderful, but since its a cheap 3rd party cable there is some inherent problems. such as there is some buzz from the audio channels, and there is some tiny checkered banding in the colors when the screen is scrolling. I believe this is due to bad shielding in the cable. I have an oficial japanese S-video which outputs the audio separately, is crystal clear and while the colours are less vibrant the picture has no mini banding.

The solution for myself is to buy a very good quality scart and then mod it to work on the saturns din output.

Thing is with modern TVs is tht they can be fussy on what signal it excepts, plus they sometimes show parts that are usually hidden on normal CRT TVs.


Hey guys how much better are you liking RGB than s-video? I recently got into using a CRT again, and got S-vid cables for my Saturn, PSX, PS2, and DC. I was going to go the RGB route (someone local was selling an arcade monitor with a prehacked RGB cable for every console I mentioned) but didnt like the idea of needing to unplug each system each time.

After playing on HDTV’s for the last few years, going back to CRT with s-video blew my mind. Now im curious about the RGB thing.


Rgb is more how can I say, Its more vibrant in the colors and it just seems to jump out out you better.


Zapf, I have heard of issues like that that were fixed by switching to another power supply. That transcoder seems to be picky about power.

I have the CSY-2100G with a similar setup (RGB consoles, but SD CRT w/component in for the display). I’m using one of [these universal adapters](http://www.google.com/products?q=LKG industries universal adapter) with it at 7.5v, positive tip. Not sure if that’ll fix your issue though, as I’m using a CRT.


or you could just buy a french version of those systems, have them switched to 60Hz and ntsc support and voila, you’re done. (they output RGB by DEFAULT)


That isn’t the issue here. These systems already output RGB by default with the right cable, French or not. His display accepts YPbPr, not RGB, so a transcoder is necessary. The transcoder we’re talking about transcodes RGB (via SCART) to YPbPr/YUV (via component RCAx3).


Cool, I’m gonna go to radioshack today - do you think there versions of those universal ac adapters (they have single voltage/amperage and variable ones like the one you linked, and the same sort of replaceable plug design) would be any better/worse than the brand you linked?

I also have the original ac adapter it came with, but its a uk plug design


You can get switches for scart just like with component or svideo - its just really fucking annoying to get in the us, as a lot of the popular uk av shops will not ship overseas, and you have to gamble with possible crud on ebay.


Tried a new ac adapter from radioshack, exact same issue =((((

I ordered another snes cable, but thats gonna take a while.