RGB Sanwa JLF ball tops... not a dream, a reality


Finally arrived, the movie shows and example on a Mag Stik Ultra but the ball top is the same for the JLF. Kits will be available tonight or tomorrow, and will include, shaft, ball top, and RGB LED with wires.



Must Have Now!


On the website, without picture, but pictures will go up tonight…


Hot damn. . . .RGB balltops! Are they posted yet?


Oh and I saw the 24 mm button RGB LED’s. Time to salivate.




Ok, I finally got the kits together…click on the pictures for the pages. The second includes a slip ring to allow for wire rotation


Need to get more Mag Stik Plus shafts made, we sold out!!!


Do the mag stick shafts fit a jlw?


which rgb controller would you recommend for the jlf? also, is there a way to have it light up on contact instead of always on?


There is no RGB LED Controller at the moment that supports Joystick.
Only RGB LED Controller right now is Sparky PWM SMD.

Toodles releasing his RGB LED Controller very soon.
I don’t know if it will do Joystick, but his FGWidget LED Controller does Joystick.


Current RGB controller doesn’t have a spot for joysticks.


i think the better question to ask how can i accomplish what this person has achieved on his stick. his stick only lights up on contact. i’d like to do the same.



The Buttons are wired to a Sparky.
The Joystick, he either FGWidget LED Controller or made the circuit in the LED Thread found in Sticky.