I’ve got a 37" Sharp Aquos and I REALLY want to plug in my PC to it, but can’t for the life of me get it to work.

I have a QOSMIO G20 laptop and an MSI MegaPC, and through the RGB out, I’ve tried plugging each one into the the DVI plug on the tv. I’ve simply used a regular male to male DVI cable, and a plug that converts one end to fit the RGB out from the PC.

Unfortunately, they both don’t work. I get no signal at all, BUT on both PCs, it can detect the tv as Sharp LCD. I’ve tried changing the resolution, checked the BIOS, plugs, ANYTHING, but I get no signal whatsoever. This is driving me crazy! Please help. Do I need to convert the RGB signal? Apparently, my tv can accept both digital and analog DVI signals.


And while I’m here, is there such a thing as a computer that uses laptop parts, which is upgradeable. It would good for a cute looking media center.