Rgv representin' at evo!

:rock: just wanted to say good luck to my homies goin’ out and reppin’ the RGV in las vegas baby!! HAM - SIR FISHOUSE - ONE DEEP 421 - COLDBLOOD 45
:badboy: try your best guys and good luck!!!
on a side note i’ve started to record endless battle matchups again on XBL , if you’d like to make an appearance just send me your gamertag. check my youtube channel search under SSF4 RGV FIGHT CLUB for a taste of some of the matches.

You could have posted this in the harlingen thread. Stop making threads for news concerning us and stop plugging in your youtube channel. FYI people the RGV has blacklisted this person for future tournaments.


Yeah delete this thread. This is considered spam. Just post in the harlingen thread. Click the “reply to thread” button instead of “make new thread”

Ahh that explains alot. This is the idiot that thinks running a tournament means the director gets the money.