Rhode Island: A New Era Begins

…so with the current demise of TGA, we are going to need a new spot to play.
Heads are already going to Pauly’s crib to play…

…maybe we can start new Underground Layer’s tourney… hahaha yeah right… maybe…
…it’s up to PJC…

…damn B… sucks you came just a little too late…


it’s the end for you nigga’s? tga is gone and things are going to go back to the way things use to be.

this sux man… badly.

Any time ANYONE wants to play, hit me up.

yeah we had it good for a little while anyway

a little while isnt enough! :frowning: the pink makoto has to keep goin

Speaking to you from Japan

bitch moan bitch moan guys… le sigh…

youre all talking like its the END OF THE WORLD or ALL HOPE IS LOST type of deal. You all gotta BUCK UP and come together as a team!!! It is NOT impossible to find a new spot or lab, hell i was actually thinkin of setting something up for you guys while im still living in RI.

Also, i have plans to keep up the hype, you all will see. AND I AM NOT going to tell anyone, except Andy.

Who knows, TGA might come back to RI someday; but i wouldnt hold your breath on that.

But seriously guys, think of TGA moving more north as a sign… you ALL and i mean ALL have done so well with the time youve spent at TGA and you all have improved so much that quitting now would mean you wasted your time for nothing. Is that what your hardwork paid off for? Second place? Fifth place? NO! You need to continue practicing, keep going to tournaments and events so that you can LEVEL UP! Believe me when i say this: **All the hard work will pay off and the memories will be priceless. ** I enjoy being around you guys and it will be really depressing to see our one love for the scene die out in New England.

Like i said, all hope is not lost for you guys. Continue on playing, keep on practicing, and most of all continue to hang out and have a great time, thats the most important goal.

My time at this cafe is running out, so i gotta go, but ill see if i can come back on later on this week, if not i will see you all back in RI on wednesday at the least.


p.s. also, DONT ASK ME HOW JAPAN IS, we will discuss that privately. Probably over dinner next Wednesday. But even that… i still dont wanna talk about japan. Japan is GREAT! but i dont wanna talk about it too much… youll see why.

Is following post is done by someone who’s been out of the loop for a month and a half. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!:crybaby: Why did this shit have to happen. I had finally found the place I had been searching for so long and poof just like that my church is GONE. Now it moved way up in Mass and here I am trynna think of a reason NOT to put my foot up that landlord’s ass. Oh wait here’s one he’d prolly like it too much. And now once again gone are the times where I could not be touched. Damn right when I was getting ready move to a spot where I could finally learn and improve and who knows maybe knock off everybody using A-groove. It’s the place I found in almost 6 years I could go on a bloodhunt right hittin’ that much needed fat blunt. Paulie,Ed, Smooth, CB,Will, Gavin, and Nestor, Andy and Shankar ya’ll are all hard acts to follow. And the fact I have to wait so long to see ya’ll again is yet ANOTHER plate of bullshit I have to swallow. Yo Ed do me a favor since it’s gonna be a minute 'fore I can find my way back up there, Next time you go to TGA just leave my soul there. It’s where it belong anyway

wait, joey can speak proper english? lolz

anway, gavo grats on having a good time in japan… well i think? Anyway it really is depressing that the scene just up and died…
Atleast tell us where the fuck it’s moving to… like the down, so we can atleast see if people have the ability to attend still.

So what’s really good for next weekend I’m coming to Prov

come play with me crack hit me up 508 -345-2274

Hell yeah that’s what’s good

yo smooth, any time u wanna play just gimmie a msg.

Anyone going to ECC need a roomate? I’ll pay 1/2 the hotel fee + 1/2 the gas.

dude, are you kidding me?.. :rolleyes:

…ain’t no1 said anything about quiting… that’s why I created this thread… cause I aint trying to let shit die. I already struggled with bringing James, and Pauly back into the scene. There wasn’t TGA back in the days, so now we must do like b4.

Do me another favor Gav. … … cut that whole “ohh cmon guys! cheer up… it will come back 10000 times folds!..” speach… SERIOUSLY!!:wasted:

You talking like we a bunch of 5th graders…
this aint the tga forums(no diss) but that’s where the pep talk needs to stay.

I’m tryin to play saturday. ima call some of you fools for some of that shit get at me if all else


I was going back to RI in two months to visit, and now I hear that THE arcade is not going to be there anymore. When I left RI, DG’s arcade was the spot.

So there absolutely no other arcade in RI now?

damn son i haven’t play in along time someone holla at the beast.

tilt… but it sux

Yo you guys DONT EVEN KNOW whats coming, something you probably NEVER would’ve dreamed about happening… you’ll see…

also, Wednesday, EVERYONE be at Tilt for some great gaming :wink:

Wtf is tilt

gavo, stop with this hype shit… it seems the community has died with out TGA to keep it alive. Certainly put my learning curb WAY down and that sux…