Rhode Island: A New Era Begins

yo when is nes coming back.

i heard he got yellow fever and is never coming back its a wrap:sad:

let me guess cuz of you right:rofl: :rofl:

he’ll be back, he’llll be back…:wonder:

nes is going to come back full powered up. i can’t wait to see wat new with him.

someone come play me in 3s… i need some comp otherwise i will never get better. XBL just frustrates me.

yo everyone is playing at my house thusday nights till midnight saturdays till we puke 3s. i dont know bout you guys but im a beast and takin peoples money from here on out. TGA was hot, thanks for making me 10x better, now on with the show boys I know smooth me james cb will still going at it. Only things that change is we smoke drink and play at the same time now(and no 2x cabs :slight_smile: ) yo next sat bring another ps2 we get 2 tvs going. So whoever wants to come lemme know goodbye TGA

if i can get james to give me a ride ill bring my ps2 with aniversary and cvs2 if i need to
thursday i mean

damn son i miss fall river shit i got’s to get out there. so we can beast beast and fucking beast. you dig! shit a nigga like me is always hustlin whip it real hard, whip whip it real hard.

i’d come on saturdays, but i aint into the whole smoking thing like you 3 lol

If i do end up coming ima need directions from 95 ~ exit 14 is where i start off. I can bring a ps2 & 3s game.

Yo CB,

I dunno if Pauly told you already or not. We all going to go see Rakim and Styles P at Lupos in Prov. on Sat. June 10th

…so far it’s:
Brandon (Xeriak),
PJC (Pauly fucking Dangerously!)


lets get some 3s going on

Yo are tix still on sale for this thing? I wanna up come SPand 'Kim in Prov

damn ri whats been goin on?

Update: I’m a fucking beast. That is all.

Finally I have released my Marvel 2 vid from Clash…


Hey Shankar, is anyone from RI going to check out the new TGA this Saturday or Sunday? Let me know, I’m probably going to make the trip with other MA Tekken/3S players…

MAD heads goin to TGA this saturday, i’ll post more when i get back from work :tup:

wish i could go

hopefully i will have my liscense in a week… GFG… maybe :slight_smile: