Rhode Island: Battle for the Higher Ground!(7-30-05) cvs2/mvc2/Rumble Fish2 and more!

So this summer hottest movie got you on lock down…
You saw Obbie Won Defeat Anikan Skywalker by simply having the Higher Ground on his side…

…Well it is time for…

Tokyo Game Action in association with Empire Arcadia & RI’s DenJin Click Presentz:

Rhode Island: Battle for the Higher Ground!!!

Tokyo Game Action is a Jap. Import store/Arcade. for more info vissit the web site:

Saturday July 30th 2005.

The following games are Jap. Arcade cabb:
Tekken 5 (Console)
CvS2 (Jap. AC)
SF 3rd Strike (Jap. AC)
MvC2 (Jap. AC)
GGX2#r (Jap. AC)
Rumble Fish 2 (Jap. AC)
SF Zero 3 (Jap. AC)
Puzzle Fighter (AC)

Standard Rules Apply. WE ALL KNOW THEM! if YOU don’t just ask…
Double Elim tourney.
Tekken 5 rules 4 dummies:
Always random stage select… (sorry Red :slight_smile: ) Winner of the match MUST keep the same char.

10 am- Registration from 10-11:30.
12 Noon- Tourney starts ON TIME!
The first heat will be: Tekken 5, CvS2, and SF 3rd S.
4 pm- Second Heat will begin.
Second Heat will be: MvC2, GGX2#r, and Rumble Fish 2. Zero 3 & Puzzle Fighter will begin sometime after that.
Midnight- Tourney will be done!

Tekken 5 will have a $12 registration fee. $2 reg. fee & $10 for the pot.
Marvel $7.
All other games will be $5 to enter.
Arcade Games are $.50 pay per play.

1st Place-65% of the pot
2nd Place-25%
3rd Place-10%

That’t it for now… I will update later:


Got questions?..
… ask them…

Im going. And im from the dirty dirty!!!

And 3S on jap cap!!! Lets fucking do this!!! expect matches to be capture by me btw. Peace.

So that means I’m getting money in…


and possibly T5 if I play my ass off…


Don’t thank me… thank TGA… Well them an ME!.. :slight_smile:

I posted on GCC and going to on romancancel.com for ya Shankar.

if you capture it, can you send some of the vids if not all to me so i can host them on the beast coast site?

try and get money matches, interviews and some of the tournament stuff.

whats GCC?


only noteworthy nowadays for the guilty gear sections.

Is that so? I notice you left 3S out of your little list.

RI beasts like Joe and Rich own me free.

big ups to Andy for putting japan in RI.

yo are the sticks 4 or 8 way? i will make it

I’ll go so me and Paul can play A3 all night!!!

YO SHANKAR(yes caps are necessary), keep A3 forever so me and paul can come to smoke blunts!!!


why waiting til July?

TGA now has 8 japanese cabinets, I’ll be posting up pictures and vids of the place for you guys to take a “virtual tour”.

Don’t forget, this is the ONLY japanese arcade on the East Coast. Right now its still in the making (redesigning the store, buying chairs/new sanwa parts), so please dont get frustrated with how it looks at first, we’re working on it. All this should be done by the first tourney. If all goes well, these tournies can be monthly. Let’s just hope things run smoothly. But thats my job, you’re jobs as Fighters is to bring in the COMPETITION! I’m sure you all know atleast someone that’s interested in these games.

Also, It doesn’t matter if you dont know fighting games or if you’re a button masher, now its the time to learn. There will be plenty of “noobs” and “beasts” there so no one is in majority. Lets just have a good time .

SmoothCat: umm… 4 way i believe, like the Hori sticks everyone and their mothers have now.

those are 8 ways Gavin…

Like the old Green Goblin(Agetek) sticks CB.

oh shit my friend has a beach house near that place. i’m in

even tho i will lose to everybody anyway like in every tournament fyi

yooo, mr fantastic i still got your match between you and ricky at ECCX. lol still want it?

You should come down anyway and bring in some new faces.

:clap: if its 8 way i def be there i cant super on 4 way

I’m taking A3. Who wants to lose money?

I’m in, I’ll go with Min, yay~!

Rumblefish 2~<3