Rhode Island: Battle for the Higher Ground!(7-30-05) cvs2/mvc2/Rumble Fish2 and more!

You guys have no problems with non-srk members taking part? My friend lives in Rhode Island so I told him about this tournament and he sounds very keen.

lol sorry smoothcat, its 4 way. like the tekken 5 sticks. but with sanwa parts instead.

i have a custome sanwa with both gates guess i better start practing :sad:

I guess its time for me to take down RI in tekken but first to go down will be shankar. Nobody is allowed to shit on 3S but dare say A3 is a good game.

death fist him

i dunno how to play tekken all i do is deathfist and i win sometimes

do you like lying to everyone all the time

I lost to your Paul cause I chose to pick my scrubby ass paul in tourney. I believe I Raped your cristie or som. with my Feng. I picked Paul cause I wanted to Deathfist you right back.

Ness… Dam your taking this waaay 2 serious… It’s kinda funny… I think A3 is just as shitty as 3S. Now Marvel I’ll argue for…

i own u all scrubs

square gates bitch!

i got somthing for that bitch

yo whoever is good at cvs2 come saturday i will be there all day at tokyo game action.

o wat time does the place close and open?

i’ll be entering 3s, cvs2, marvel, a3

are the cabinets head 2 head set up?

Did someone said A3? : )

Kofiend: One game is head to head, and pretty sure it will be CvS2.

I’ll try to hit this up for Marvel

Japanese Cabinet PICTURES @ Tokyo Game Action:


Go towards the bottom of the page for each individual cab pic.

Can’t wait for RF2 tourney.

I ‘might’ come to this. Its on my birthday. ‘-’

add: 11 hour drive holy shit. only 1 more hour than it was to get to ecc :frowning:

but i do love rumblefish so. torn

school/work may keep me from this too T_T

I’d love to play you j1n, I’ll have MBR there too for certain.


When’s this tourney in RI? CT MUST MAKE ITS PRESENCE!!!
Swalla Back