Rhode Island EC Quals!

Street Fighter: 3rd Strike EC Qualifier Results
From: Rhode Island
Single elimination

Random outside tourney notes:
Ricky Ortiz is NOT there.
KOFiend is NOT there.
It’s hella cold in the facility.
Canadians are NOT there (Where are you C-Royd!).

EC SBO Team: Justin Wong (Chun-Li)/ Mark Rogoyski “Mopreme”(Ryu)/ kofiend (Yang)

1st Tourney (36 Entrants)
1st - (Qualifies) Justin Wong “JustinW” - Chun SAII
2nd - Mark Rogoyski “Mopreme” - Ryu SAIII
3rd (Tied) - John Gordon “Flash G” - Ken SAIII
Cameron Buckner “True Karate” - Ryu SAIII

Justin beats Cam in Winner’s Semis 2-0
Mopreme beats Flash in Winner’s Semis 2-1
Justin beats Mopreme in Winner’s Finals 2-0 to qualify.

Random notes:
Justin was the only Chun in the tournament.
Exodus loses to FlashG.
Cameron is random.
FlashG says Jap sticks suck.
Henry Cen loses to Justin.

2nd Tourney (35 Entrants, no Chun)
1st - (Qualifies) Mark Rogoyski “Mopreme” - Ryu SAIII
2nd - Exodus - Ken SAIII
3rd (Tied) - SmoothCat - ???
Random Makoto - Makoto SAII

(I was away from IRC for 10 minutes and didn’t get much updates and everyone doesn’t like to give me any news =()
Mopreme beats Exodus with a perfect 2-1 to qualify.

Random Notes:
Henry Cen loses to random dude name Flare.
Mopreme beats Cam early in the tournament.
Exodus beats Nestor.

3rd Tourney (30 Entrants, no Chun, Ryu)
1st - (Qualifies) Kofiend - Yang
2nd - FlashG - Yang
3rd (Tied) - Exodus - Ken
Eric - Makoto

Random Notes:
Exodus beats Cameron
FlashG beats Nestor
FlashG beats Eric MD 2-1
kofiend beats FlashG in the finals

Come on Cameron and Flash…I’m gunnin for ya’ll so we can link up in Japan…:clap:

Wow, I hope exo or Nestor makes it those my niggas right there. No surprise that Henry lost on H2H jap cabs. Flash is cool but wait til FR muhahaha.

Mopreme using Ryu again? Oh the memories.

Damnit, I wish that I could’ve gone :sad: .

go exoscrub!

looks like tomorrow will be full of kens

Haha. I <3 Mark.

show em how midwest do cam i’m rooting for you


Anyway, GJ Mark!!!

This is Justin Wong BTW and why I get no LOVE from anyone :frowning: MEAN PEOPLE

They had a 3S Team Tourney 2 on 2.

And me and Mark won the tourney.

Good Job Justin Wong!! <3

<3 Justin.

GJ Mark and Justin

If FlashG qualifies, how in the world is he going to compete @ SBO4??? Last I’ve checked SBO uses Japanese cabs and stick right? :wonder:

I think the Team Tourney Results are:

1st- ‘Team GOD’ (Justin + Mopreme)
2nd- ‘Team Smoothities’ (Smoothcat + Nestor)
3rd- ‘Team Shwagged’ (PJC aka Wall Paul + Jjuice)
3rd- ‘Team TGA’ (Gavin + Andy)

…Sun March 5th will have the third and final SBO qual. spot… as well as a SF3rd S. Double Elim. tourney.

…and the other games too cvs, st, gg… etc…

…I believe KO Fiend is showing up, as well as a couple of other people from Mass…

ec has your back son.


C-Royd is at work

I thought mopreme was joking when he said he was going.

No love here cause your Chun is a big meanie, I hate that bitch. :tdown:

But I hope you whip that japanese ass :lol:

i thought you were going eric :looney:

this is where ricky comes to the arcade on sunday with fireworks in the background and shocks everyone…or not

Ryu action!? Vids please!