Rhode Island Fighters


So was wondering what fighting games are of huge interest in this small state. I plan to host a tournament in Johnston RI at Rick’s Game Center May 26th.

What I have in mind is: Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Dead Or Alive 4, BlazBlu, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, Soul Calibur V and SF x T

Let me know who would actually enter and is interested ASAP

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Rhode Island can be iffy. I’m from Fall River myself, so close enough. Biggest game in RI is probably UMVC3. Followed by SSF4, and SFxT. You probably won’t get solid entrants with any game other than those.

But I’d respect trying to run KOF13 or Skullgirls.


I’d be in for SSF4 for sure.




There aren’t enough players to have all those games for our state. Pick one or two games and run with them. Don’t try and hold a major type tourny for your first event especially if the venue isn’t very large.


yo ugh

also i agree with shodokan 1000% (like a maury show)
you should probably just run 2 games and the strongest one around here is UMvC3 and then after that its a toss up between probably SFxT/SF4.
skullgirls might get big around here but its too early to tell


You can’t run a FG tourny in RI without that mahvel … just saying


So it sounds like Marvel and Street Fighter are good here so far.


Next I need to know which console is better to host these games on… PS3 or 360???




It will be a 2-day event for the record. So I am wondering what games are usually done on Fridays?


+1 for 360.


Friday May 25th: Mortal Kombat (PS3), Skullgirls (360), Dead Or Alive 4 (360), Melee (Wii)

Saturday May 26th: UMVC3 (Xbox), Street Fighter 4 (Xbox), Tekken 6 (PS3, Soul Calibur V (PS3), Brawl (Wii)


360, and curious as to why a 2 day would be necessary?

edit* I see gl Ill try and show up since im a town over


More variety of games can be played in a 2-Day event instead of 1 from my understand more then 5 different games a day would be too much.


I think more of the point was that Marvel/SSF4 are really the only worthwhile tourneys to run not “don’t run X amount of games a day” MK9 is dead in NE afaik they’ve had maybe 9 entrants the last tourney? i cant say much for DoA/Brawl/Melee but I know I haven’t heard of any of those games bringing in crowds in NE in general. juss my 2cents


I have a legit interest form for all of these game to have at least 10+ entrants so its looking decent already

Also would you guys be interested in fight weekends? Starting next Friday/Saturday? For practicing purposes.

For the record we have more then enough set-ups and room for 5-6 tourneys a day. We just need to get everyone to start coming here. CoD has been falling down the cracks here so I’m looking to revive the entire fight scene in RI.

The best venue in New England or at least one of the best no joke.


I’ll be there tonight discussing these future plans for fighting games at 6PM


n addition to what he said, Xavier will be hosting another of his semi monthly smash tournaments next week, whom have been highly successful in attracting some of the big names from that community. Anyways a long side that tournment we will also be having side fighting events for the first time, I will be bringing my xbox packing along skullgirls and Blazblue in addition to Marvel if I can find my working copy. Anyone who plans in attending for the side event can bring their own copy of the fighting game desired to play, there are plenty of xboxs around along with controllers as well, Xavier will be discussing pricing with the owners so we will update the thread with that information later as well.