Rhode Island Fighters


Leaving now.


Leaving now.


Anything happening this week?


I’m not sure.


That was a terrible defeat in Fall River.

My sons. Contact me.


RI. I love you all. Come to this. March 30th. It will be good ! [Mar 30, 2013] Game Underground Monthlies (Framingham,MA)


Bump, anything happening?


Hey guys, I’ve been speaking to mingo and he put me on to the locals in mass, but I want to know if there is any place here that will let us play here in RI.
I’m Jose(Casval - the blue comet). I’m from CT and I’m living in pawtucket for now. Obviously I like gundam its where the nickname comes from. I use the xTheBlueCometx as my gt and casval as the name everyone will be calling me by. I feel ridiculous explaining this right now. lol -_-
I’m a cool guy just looking for some people to hang out with. All I do is work and after that to my room everyday shit irritating.

There’s http://www.thetemplegames.com/ on 167 Columbus Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860 (401-305-0836)

They play warhammer 40k, other pc games, tcg(Magic the gathering). I was wondering if any of you go here and if your a regular there you should ask to see if they give us a day a week, or every other week. Whatever works for them. If we get 30-50 people to go and pay 10 dollars per game(marvel,ssf4 and whatever.) The store makes 300-500 dollar per game. I’m just giving one of you things to pitch to them lol. I know we dont want to play without winning money back at the end of the day,so this is up one of you to figure out the split between the store and the pot. Example If they do make 500 dollars, I think 200 should go to top 3(100 for 1st place,75 for 2nd and 25 for 3rd, or 60 for 2nd and 40 for 3rd). They could end up charging a venue fee to make up for what they are loosing in the pot. It will most likely be 5 dollars to get in and then 10 per game. If we do end up having serious tournaments we should do 20 a game.

Its a good idea and at the same time for those without an income is a bad one, but we have to keep the places that let us play happy.

Add my Xbl/Psn xTheBlueCometx and follow me on twitter @xJ_S1x

The reason I don’t ask them myself is because I don’t really triumph in these situations. This is not the only place in RI, there’s probably a few available gaming space around. Im trying to stay out of providence due to parking and tickets you know, but if you find a place there just try. Then its getting people to actually show up and this particular place has rules. Check them out on there website

Thanks for reading. If I could \bring everyone to my place I would, but I dont have my own place. There’s an alternative (dont laugh) Rent a room at a motel 6 for 60 and play there lol We have to start somewhere lol


Also I’m planning on going to Mass on Friday for the locals and I have no problem giving anyone in the area a ride. I drive a camry and I never put more then 600lb in it. I weigh 240 myself. I have the car dropped that’s why weight concerning me.

Its $10 for the ride as you all know gas isnt free. :slight_smile: Let me know ahead of time.
I’m not a taxi so I wont be going to providence and everywhere else to pick you up by area I mean Central falls,pawtucket and maybe cumberland. Then you going to have to be on a main road or a place on the path to Mass. It’s my 1st time going if you know the way I’ll gladly give you a ride.


Injustice GAU Event at GU in Framingham. If you guys are going to play the game, you should be there!


30A Martin Street Cumberland RI. There are Fight Nights every Thursday at 4:30pm. I will be there tomorrow. Down to play anyone at TTT2, SC V, SSF4 AE, Injustice and DOA 4/5.


Play me in AE, x. I may go this next weekend with KC to play smash and stuff.


Alrighty Burst I better see you here >:3


We will build this community up, so anyone around RI, CT, MA should try to make this. If too far for Thursday make sure you are here on June 1st for the Rumble tournament and win CASH. If we get enough people, I will toss in a nice pot bonus


No information on your RI tournament? Are you really expecting 50 people with this little advertising?

edit: could not find info in SRK Tournaments and Events sub forums either.


Hope to see everyone later today (technically) :slight_smile: hype!


oh this is today? Ill try to bum a ride off my mom last minute.


I’m going to be late for AE. Is that okay?


I think he pushed it back a half an hour.


We will hold SF until you all get here.