Rhode Island Gathering (7/28?)


So here’s the thing: the FG scene in Rhode Island is pretty much non-existent, & I’m tired of having to drive over an hour to MA just to get some local sessions down. So, my brother has an apartment in downtown Providence, & he said he’s cool with hosting some FG sessions down. But there’s a couple things we need to clear up first:
[]Is there enough interest from people to actually make this worth it. I personally only know a couple people from RI who actually take Fighting games a bit seriously, but if there’s more of you out there … say something lol. I’m only good at marvel, so if you want to play AE, there’s definitely gotta be someone else here who plays.
]What day would be cool with everyone? I’m thinking Saturday would probably be the best but then we would have to pick a day that doesn’t interfere with tournies/events/etc
[]We need a couple setups: between my brother and I, we have 3 tv’s, 3 xbox’s, 1 copy of umvc3, 1 copy of sfxt. Just estimating, I’m guessing we could fit maybe 5 setups, so if you can bring a copy of AE, umvc3, whatever for xbox, thats great. If you can bring an entire setup, better.
]He has a cat lol. If you have allergies, he has zyrtec at his apartment, which I can say personally works great, but if its like, your gonna die if go near a cat, then take your own meds.
So yeah, post something so we can know who’s interested. I’m not sure how these sessions usually go down, so if there’s anything I’m missing say it. Also, this is my bro doing us a favor, so don’t be stupid& bring any substances that is either illegal/frowned upon. This is all coming from his pocket, so an entry fee to cover refreshments/food/electricity for everyone is needed, but depending if we get enough people, then a couple dollars would suffice. The address is 3 Regency Plaza Providence RI 02903. For parking, you can park in their lot by saying you’re a guest, that way you don’t have to use the parking meters on the street, but there’s sort of a small process or something you have to go through, I’m not entirely sure how it goes, I’ll ask my brother about it. Once you do park, we have to go down to let you in, so I’ll let you know how you can ring us from downstairs. If you CAN’T drive, you can take a bus to Kennedy Plaza. Its about a 10 minute walk from there to get here.

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GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri
Rhode Island Fighters

in there. . . . .


I’m down.

What substances are we talking here? You mean like weed or like alcohol? I think people have previously done shot matches at FRL’s sessions.


Hellz yeah. Me and my brother would be down to show up, as long as it’s on the weekend.


So what works better with you guys, this Saturday or the next?? I know the SUBM tourny is August 4, so if it’s next Saturday, it’ll be the week before it


I’m down both Saturdays (anything wrong with doing both?).


Just asked him & both saturdays are fine by him, as long as we get enough people going


Oh yeah, I have a copy of AE, SFxT, Blazblue, and Skullgirls for the 360.


If you’re parking in their parking lot:
Go in through the Washington st. side and hit the button on the voice box thing. Say you are visiting a friend at 609 East (apartment) and you are staying for around 3-4 hours, which then he will ask for your license plate #. Then you go in to the main office building that is straight ahead of you and go inside the first floor and go left where you will see a man and he will give you something to hang on your car so that it doesn’t get towed.

If you’re coming by bus from KP:
Just walk down Washington St. It’s a straight line from KP to the apartment. Its the block behind the Providence Public Library one.

When you get there, call my brother, +14015850080, his name’s Nelson, & his apartment isn’t in the same building as the main office. When you’re driving in, its the building on the right with a convenience store on the bottom. When you’re coming out of the main office building, its the one on the left


Wait… what time was this gathering?


woops, after like 5.


ggs yesterday. RI needs moar fighters.


Yeah it was fun getting asswhooped in sfxt. I was hoping to satisfy my marvel fix, but apparently no one plays marvel cept me & ken. I’ll post whether we can do this again this saturday (7/28), maybe this time we can get more people


I should be having Skullgirls by the end of the week (I moved and didn’t bring my hard drive thing, getting it mailed to me), would anyone be interested in playing that? I’m really good at that one. I mean, I had fun playing AE (despite the hour of me sitting there awkwardly), but I don’t know that game as well as I could.


I had Skull gals, SCV, and KoF13 for the PS3. I didn’t know anybody wanted to play it.


Hmmm… I can only use a 360 pad anyway. But, yeah, I’m all for Skullgirls. I only played SCV for a bit, but have never played any KOF.


I can come threw but I’ll probably just go to hang and learn if you guys don’t mind
I have a 27 inch 2ms samsung monitor and a copy of Ae,SfxT,Umvc3,VF5fs,skullgirls,MK,kof13,fight night champion[:D],tekken 6,mvc2,3soe,hdremix,kof02.
all on xbox do and a hori vx(which is up for trades or sale whatever)
1 thing is I dont have time to play as much so I haven’t unlocked hidden characters in games that have them

As far as chipping in for food I might be able too but my verizon bill is due this week on friday so depending on that we might have to take a trip to little caesers lol

I am full blown scrub looking to learn about E.Ryu and Iron Man well Im terrible at umvc3
I could also probably bring those from pawtucket or cf as far as the price rite I live near it but gas money talks lol Im sorry cant give 2-4 dudes a free ride


If you’re willing to put in the time, I’m sure we can teach you E.Ryu and Iron man.


Of course I am but I wont be at every casual sessions or whatever
on week days wont be able to make it only sat
depending on what the host says and if I have our car on Sat I can go threw

I know the fundamentals of ae it’s just Im like in the gootecks zone all the things I’ve watched and learn doesnt translate into gameplay


Idk if I’m making it. I ask my aunt for the car and she came up with excuses so hopefully she does let me take the thing.
I dont know my way around providence

[Oct 27, 2012] SUBM #9 AE/UMVC3 side MVC/MVC2 (Fall River, MA 02721)