Rhode Island SF:AE Scene 2012

Hey guys,
I am looking to see if there are any current scenes for AE12 in Rhode Island or parts of nearby Mass. I am hoping to find a weekly or at least monthly scene. Otherwise, if anyone is looking to create one let me know and hopefully we can get some people together. I have extra TE sticks and just picked up the LED version of the Evo monitor which i could take along with me if need be. I am looking forward to meeting some new people and everyone being able to level up their game together.

We had people from SE Mass and RI meet up here weekly over the summer.

But since this takes place in a garage, its been too cold for the winter. Hopefully andrew here will be running these again when it gets warmer. Besides that, I don’t think so. Atleast I haven’t really heard of anything. Framingham MA has a nice scene that meets twice a week, but thats a bit of a drive.

Oh Ok. Well thank you for the input man. Looking forward to hearing from people who would like to put something together.

I would love to put something together. My house is a bit small, though, so I could only really host casual sessions (as opposed to tourneys).

I know there’s a fair amount of players around here, but we need somewhere to play D:

Hey Falcon. Do you live in RI? We could start out with some casuals and try to get more people into it. I’m just looking forward to playing offline lol. That’s sick you play Juri.

I play Juri yeah, though recently I’ve been playing a lot of Ryu (been trying to improve my fundamentals)

I live in Providence, RI, and yeah, hosting some casuals here would be pretty cool. I could think of a few people who’d be interested in stopping by.

BTW you can just call me Haruko or Zao. Falcon Combos is my outdated XBL name :stuck_out_tongue:

the RI scene is dead, any remaining ppl are merged in the Mass scene now. You shouldve checked out the original RI thread first

i’m the best in the universe

ri just plays marvel really

u can holla at me on XBL. illwillSRK

i hop on and play

Anyway Zao, if you wanna get something going soon or sometime send me a PM man. It would be nice to try to invent a new weekly or monthly scene in RI.

MY xbl is STN Cozby. I play everything I think. As far as offline goes, we COULD’VE had a nice venue but the host quit playing games because they took away (didn’t put) universal air dash in marvel.

Zao I think I remember you from the setup at Bubbletea? I imagine there aren’t multiple Juri players in RI. I think we all could use some experience against her too.

I see you guys are mostly from Prov, they should host tournaments or gaming venues at the Providence Place Mall. D&B’s has plenty of room and the new GameStop there is big. I mean cmon…

Gamestop would never do it atleast not with any consistency and D&B could do it but if its not profitable to them they have no reason to and we don’t exactly pull numbers. I’ll let you all know when I have the space again. Also I can do Fridays and Saturdays so let me know what works when I start it up again.
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Thanks for the input Legend. I was just being optimistic. That would be nice to eventually pull enough numbers to do it at D&B’s. I mean it would be done on a weeknight where they aren’t doing as much business anyway. I don’t care about the costs just wanna play lol. Anyway, i am really looking forward to when you start up again, I am right over in Portsmouth. You said around the Springtime i believe? When you are ready i can help with any contributions you need to help it run smoother.

yo dude i go to URI and recently weve been getting more and more into making a fighting game scene.
mostly we do marvel but im working right now to get a fight night scene going.

lemme know if you’re interested, even just drop by and play dude. we have a few competitive SF players and we welcome anyone to come by.

Hahah. I just finished going to URI last year. That sounds good. Do you guys play in the dorms or do you have a place over in Narragansett or Kingston?

There has been a monthly tournament here in Fall River again as well. At Straight Shooters, the pool hall. The TO is taking a month off on vacation during January. But he said he’ll start again in February.

What’s up Liquid and other RI folks? If you get something going I’ll be there. I live in East Providence and I wouldn’t mind hosting a few people at my house if nothing gets started. At least until the Legend of Fall River gets his thing going again. Online works too. GT: slamnsamn

haha oh really?

naw we play up on the 3rd floor of the union,
you know the left turn right before you head down to the computer lab?
were right in there.
we got two room with setups for multiple gens of systems.