rhode island thread

i live in cumberland…i’ll om you my cell number

Cool Rabid Wombat. You going to the tourney on 8/18 in Salem MA? My friend and I are got to it.

just a couple of things…

#1-wtf!?! where did this ri thread come from?

#2-who the fuck are all you people… aside from rich, ralph, and keith.

#3-eric: sorry about “trevor chan’s” rudeness. I don’t know where the fuck he came from! or who the fuck he think he is!!! to answer your question though. I think our pockets are still hurt from the evolution trip dog! we’ll prob see you guys in philly by NEC3.

4-rabid wombat: team RI consist of: James S., Nate H., Brandon L., me(thats the wakefield crew), Moune M., Dwayne J., Ralph B., Steve so sexy( I guess), and PJC is the last member. the outsider if you will! ohhh wait …i forgot Gary… oh wait… NO I didn’t! You can find MvC2 comp at the Warwick mall and CvS2, A3, Tekken comp down here in Wakefield.


#1: Rabid Wombat

#2: Sorry for finding a new hobby. If everyone else isn’t as receptive to new players as Rich then I may as well just quit because I guess SF is some elitist cult that I wasn’t aware of.

#3: Don’t appologize for my rudeness. There’s a large thread that has been stickied about Summer Jam 2 on the forum. If we wanted to know about it we would look there, not in a thread about SF in RI.

I don’t think Shankar meant to deride you. He talks that way to everyone, his own mother notwithstanding. Joe and I are still laughing over “Mom, you need to buy some more of these cookies; these shits are bangin’.”


Shankar, I need the footage. Call me.


THe hell with that player yo Shankar if you and your crew can make it let me know i can try to get you and the guys some where to stay for free or real cheap dirt cheap hit me up and let me know.


Ohh Ohh let me do what I do!

ohhh would you STOP!!!


::cody’s laugh from A3:: Eeeeeuuuhhh!!!

eric-We’ll see, I run it by the crew.

Gandido-Check your PM’s or IM me. handle is-RhodyJIN

Rich-lmao… True, true. hey on my defence… them shits were bangin’!you know it!

Trevor Chan-Look man… it’s not like that du!
I look forward to meet new peeps. It’s just that bothered me the way you responded to eric. Not knowin who he is, like you’ve been around or somethin. He’s cool if you got to meet him. He’s the promoter for University Pinball in Philly. If you were to get seriously into gamin you would travel and go places. Anyways if you wanna play sometime let me know or go to one of our tourneys. There is a Fall River tourney coming soon. Check Tournament and Events.


a street fighter cult?
now that could possibly be the absolute dumbest thing i have ever heard

are u guys totaly new to the sf scene?
if u want comp go to a fall river tourney
then u can go home and lock yourselves in your rooms and say i just dont understand what happened i thought i\we were good

i would say just playin but i would be lying
oh on another note dont talk shit to eric thats my job!

The SF cult thing was obviously a joking exageration. I know it’s not a cult and I know how people get when someone new comes into their community…hell, I’ve been playing DDR for the past year, so I know how that shit works. Also, I know I suck ass at SF, I’m still learning. I’ve played with Paul and Rich (a few times a week with Rich) so I know how bad I suck. Although I think Rich can back me up that at least I’m learning. I’m sorry for the remark I made to Eric. I have to get used to the different etiquette here on SRK.

yo trevor wassup. i didn’t know you posted here. how long have you been on srk?

when seanny is back from florida are you gonna come to his house when we play?

also…i can’t speak for rich, he just happens to be the person i play with the most, but i was just trying to find people who want some casual/fun play.

also, rich, if you and trevor play a few times a week, how come you haven’t given me a call?

i haven’t seen you since the shitty gt tourny.

RushedDown get your ass down HERE this weekend so i can kick your ASS all over the place.:smiley:

i would like to come to philly this weekend and play but have to much work to do

I’ve only been posting here for a couple weeks. And I might be up to playing at Seany’s as long as you leave out that naked swimming

Guys, this has been racking my brain today, and maybe you all can help me out. Are there any other Arcades out in the RI and MA area other than, Grand Prix (Seekonk), Fantasyland (Seekonk), one in the Warick and Rhode Island Malls and in the one in Boston. I mean this is getting on my nerves. I need something to do for the next couple of weeks (other than the tournament on Aug 31) Any help would be appreciated on this matter.

There’s that one in Fall River with MvC2 and a broken 3S, and also Big Top in Fall River with DDR, but that’s about it. You’re better off just meeting up with one of us and playing on a DC.

True. Any it will save money, but I also want to play Soul Calibur 2. Oh well, I still play the first one for DC. Like I said, oh well.

I need to go to a tourney soon its been to long


sup this is steve here…(i guess)??..i don’t play nearly as much anymore but (james,shankar,nate) whenever you guys get togetjer give me a call i’ll come down…and paul…what has it been like a year since you came down…you used to come down like every week i was getting better playing you back then…well to the other guys that we don’t know in this thread…i usually stop by warwick mall like once every 2 weeks…but school is starting up soon sooo.i’ll probably be going down more often…look for black kid with curly hair!