Rhythm Games (all of 'em)


As much as I love fighting games, rhythm action is up there for me as well. I miss going to the arcade and getting all sweaty doing 10-footers in DDR but now in North America these places are few and far between.

So, did anybody buy Beatmania USA just to be really disappointed?
Does anybody else really really want to sequel to Frequency/Amplitude?
Wasn’t Lumines/Rhythm Heaven/Gitaroo Man/etc wicked?
What was the hardest DDR/Beatmania/Pop’n track you could do?
Can someone please explain how to import and play DDR 8th Mix JP?
Were rhythm games just a fad that is now over?


Whatchu know about that Elite Beat Agents?


if Fighting Games & Bemani had a baby…it would be Slap Happy Rhythm Busters(Bemani part at 2:38). I imported this back in the day. It’s $ick! :slight_smile:


Why not just import Pop N’ Music master race?

Gitaroo Man is a good game.

Space Channel 5 is another.


Niggas not ready.


Man, I was just about to break into the easy 10 range in IIDX then I stop playing for a few months and I can barely pass 7s. School will do that to ya. With DDR, I could clear anything up to X that wasn’t FAXX-O, PH-O or PR-O, though now I’m even more outta shape then I was back then.

Guess I gotta break out the ol modded PS2 more often.


I was better at ITG than DDR.

Shit like Utopia just felt more in rythmn.

I don’t know how people handle shit like Healing D Vision Angelic Mix Oni.

So yeah, this thread got me hype and I got Beatmania from under my bed and tried Beach Side Bunny for old times sakes.

That shit is still impossible.


I could never understand how to play Parappa the Rapper


What the hell is this?!

I played a ton of DDR/Beatmania simulation (Stepmania etc) but Pop’n sim was just not the same. Importing the controller plus game and mod sounds mad expensive.


Bumping because I didn’t want to make a separate thread for DJMax Technika.
Anyone else play this game? My arcade has Technika 3 and it’s amazing, even though I’m pretty bad at it.
Also, if anyone’s looking for a similar game to Technika while they’re waiting for Technika Tune to hit the Vita, check out Cytus on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It’s a really fun game, with really good music, too. (they even have Tsukasa :D)


Ahhh Beatmania, the good ol’ days. Has anyone BESIDES ME played Technic Beat? Pretty good game I randomly eBuyed years ago. Have been craving playing Bust a Groove though lately for some reason…


I have DJ Max: Trilogy. I’m pretty decent up to the 6B mode. Anything after that = FAIL.

I play songs up to LV.15, then I bomb all the others.


I play many rhythm games, lucky there’s plenty of Ddr machines around me, but I prefer the interface and scoring system of it 2, which I don’t have so much access to. I play iidx (6-8s). I did buy bmus, but that was only so I can have the controller for lunatic rave. But I broke the controller from getting frustrated lol. Now I have to play with keyboard. Recently the only game I play is DJ Max ray.

I also have trilogy, but I don’t play it much because I preferred the older pc versions of DJ Max