Rhythm of sfxt

Wow I remember Ryan heart talking about the rhythm of fighting games and I really feel that with this game. It’s the first game I’m taking seriously in trying to go pro with and first game where I’m already fully converted to arcade stick I was having a hard time with trials then it hit me try the game with more rhythmic timing and it started to click

well the thing about this game is there are all kinds of different “rhythms”

take the trials for example. a lot of times you’ll see something like: LP, LP, LP, LP, MP, HP

there are 2 rhythms in that combo. the first 3 LP’s are links (most links in this game are 2 - 4 frame windows), then you need to link into the 4th LP with the same timing, but the LP,MP,HP part of it is chained (this is the ‘boost chain’), so you can do that part rapidly.

but sometimes, you have to do a different kind of chain that is not considered a boost chain. these chains are unique to the character and might have frame advantage that allows you to go back into a linked normal. also, unlike boost chains, these unique chains can sometimes be canceled by a regular special move.

for example, Julia’s f+MK, MP, f+MP chain. you can cancel the last hit into her spinny willow move and have frame advantage to link into something, like a cr.LP, which could then link into her b+MP,MP unique chain.

Exactly Im enjoying this… It’s just crazy the different timings this game has