RI and SE Mass Gatherings @ Streetryder's Closed =(

Hey all, with the lack of support for Wallcade Saturday gatherings It is somewhat of a burden for PJWall and his family to have the space open for us and no one show. So until Walls can host a tourney and have a group bigger than 4 people Saturday gatherings will be held at my house for the time being.

We will start off with two setups 1 Ps3 and 1 360.

Ps3 will be supporting SSFIV or Arcana Hearts 3 on a CRT TV
Xbox 360 will support SSFIV, BlazBlue, Marvel 2 or Marvel 3

In addition anyone who wishes to try out Star Wars The Old Republic will have their chance to do so.

Whoever shows up gets to decided what they want to play. My crib can support up to 4 Setups where we will be playing, 5 or 6 if needed but i doubt we will have that many people.

Location is as follows:

18 Delmar Ave (St in gps)
Providence, RI 02907

Go to back door.

Quick Directions:

From Fall River area take 195 towards 95 south. Once on 95 south take exit 17 which is the first exit after Therbers avenue. Proceed over the bridge and pass 2 stop signs. After the 2nd sign you will see a side street named Louis ave, go down that street and Delmar Ave will be the 2nd street. 18 Delmar is at the other side of the street. You should see the white Milan that i always use parked in the yard.

From Boston area take 95 south till you get to exit 17. Follow same directions from above.

From CT and beyond (im lookin at you Blue Nine) take 95 north till you hit exit 16 in RI. Bear twords your left and take the first exit on rout 10. Turn left at the light and follow the road less than 5 minutes till you get to the first light. At that light continue straight and Delmar Ave will be the 2nd street with my house being the 2nd one on your left.

Start Time is 5pm-1pm (Wallcade style)
No venue fee and free soda will be available but you have to bring your own beer.
Also bring your own controller as I only have 1 Ps3 stick and 1 360 stick. Pads are available though if you prefer.
If people want to eat your welcome to bring your own food or we can all chip in for Pizza.

I’m doing this because I don’t want to see the small scene we have around here die just because people don’t want to travel. Even if we only get the same 4 people we will grind it out and get better. The only rule i have is since this is my house respect it like you would your own. Other than that bring your A game and level up your game with some fighting game peeps.

Thanks for doin this. I’ll be coming through and what the hell I’ll bring my ps3 and Marvel. I could really use the practice. NOW if Wilson’s monkey ass would show up

whats up man , glad you made this thread, im going to try to make it tommorow saturday, street ryder your name is matt right? i believe i still have your number so ill call you either way to let you know, hopefully me and my boy tim can show up. I can bring a setup if need be but i dont know if i need to, i have ps3, xbox, 2 ps3 sticks 1 xbox stick games for both systems lol. 2 crt tvs . but ill call you tommorow to see if i need to bring anything, if its just 4 people obviously i wont. but im looking foward to it, your a very nice player. cant wait

Ill be there this sat. sat is hard for me gotta pull strings and stuff. Next sat is 3ds launch so I wont be there. :frowning:

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Will should be back in town by now so i hope he shows up. Ill call him later.

Update: The first post now also includes a very special non fighting game that anyone who wants to can try out.

Good fackin shit Matt! I’m not positive that I can make it tomorrow, but if I can i’ll be showing up with Andrew. If I do I can definitely bring an xbox setup, hopefully Andrew’s got my back with a monitor? I’ll be glad to pitch in for soda/pizza… whatever. Good stuff looking out for little ol’ Rhode Island + Fall river.

I mentioned this to ignizshun?(spell check?) tonight so hopefully he’ll pop up.

Just and update guys, Ive actually got 3 tvs/monitors already set up and waitin to be used. What we need is 1 Xbox and 2 copies of MvC3, 1 for Xbox and 1 for PS3. We can always use more setups as well but just wanted to update you all on what we will have to start with.

And DJ good shit man, i hope you and Alpha make it although i havent heard from Alpha and its a bit of a drive for him. I already have 4 cases of soda for people to drink and I also have some hard liquor…just no beer cause i hate it and cant drink it when everyone leaves lol. As for Pizza yea we can all chip in if people want to eat, i have 6 pizza joints within a 5 minute drive.

My marvel skills are so gdlk I dont have the new chars. I got the points for it though. I got the moniyor and mahvel if needed.

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nobody called me!?!? lol my internet has been out for awhile

lol i need your number man, come through now with brandon if you want

Good stuff tonight matt, thanks for the hospitality! Although no one showed up, it was still fun to just chill and talk about random bullshit. Hopefully we’ll have a better turn out next time? :smiley:

Deejay mentioned this to me. I should be able to show up next Sat. I don’t have a PS3 or 360, but I can at least provide a 360 stick if the need should arise.

I wish I could, but I just can’t. Saturday is such a bad night for me. Work til 1, every week. Same reason I couldn’t go to Pauls. :frowning:

Andrew is also not gonna be able to make it next week due to work, this is why im thinkin anyone who is up for it, we can have the gathering Sundays instead of Saturday. I have no work on mondays so i can host it no problem. I wanna hear from everyone so i know if Sundays are better than Saturdays.

And good shit to the 3 who came out. Like i said Im going to host this every week regardless of how many show. We need a constant place to play and as DJ, FR Legend and Ewic saw, i have plenty of extra space.

Good shit to you matt, definitely leveld up my game, actually landing some box loops. GDLK. But my team is broken cuz of weak ass storm assist with viper on point rushin in naked… So I dunno if I should start storm on point cause she has better mobility and I can otg with viper assist or do overhead burn kick assist and go low with storm. I only like storm cause of hail dhc and chip. Thoughts? Definitely feelin the trish though. I like dive kicks:tup:. As far as the day goes. Sundays for sure Fall River can be there as early as 730-8 every Sunday in case anyone wants a ride, but don’t let me hold you guys up.

–Shoutouts to XBL :tdown:

I should be coming thru this saturday, was in Somerville the past few Sats at DMG Weaksauces house but I think its time to lvl up RI as well.

Shoutouts to Rob and Craig carrying the DMG tag. Without them and Lucky D New England would be hella free. I hope they make the drive at least once.

street ryder, what up my bad bro something came out and coudn’t make it up there, this sat im going to a bruins game so wont be ableto make it , sunday im going to souper bowl tourney in lowell, i would like for you and the crew to come, we need to represent this area and im down for it, as of right now im driving by myself( what else is new my boy cant come)its all good im bringin a setup and xbox to this area, if you guys want to go together and pinch in with gas and stuff im cool with that too . as for doing it every sunday instead of saturday, i think its a good idea, more people can come out on sundays. either way i should be able to attend about 80% of the time. i look foward to playing with you guys soon. keep leveling up!

Ahh if Superbowl is Sunday than the gathering has to be Saturday as i think me and Ewic were going to try to make it to Toms next event.

So Saturday it is for this week guys. However the following week will be Sunday April 3rd as its my mothers Bday on Saturday the 2nd.

sounds good see u at toms