Rianbow Six 3: Black Arrow

i dont know of any R6 players around SRK, send me an invite and ill beast with ya.
i mostly play Team Surival.

XBL Tag: SRR Gauntlet

good call man
i havent played much r6 in a while but this was by far the best fps on live
ill get on tonite sometime
ma gt= defiant wang

k cool cool. im plaing ggxx right now, but when i finish ill check if you playin r6.

send me a request, i was top tier in the first rainbow, i still play black arrow every now and then

anyone play the first rb6 still? i just got back into that

oh and… mp5 all the way :encore:

Old School rainbow was so much better.

Rep that Greek Flag malaka. :tup:

Hey someones gotta do it.


Is that a Spanos in your picture?

If any of your guys are still active let me know were trying to get a clan started to play on gamebattles.com the whole point of the clan is to win and have a ball doing it.

I play a lot of R6, i’ll probably send an invite soon. A clan sounds great.

oh damn, i forgot about this page.
hell ya dude…my friend beasts on the first r6 3

Big Pete Roasa - you talkin bout starting a clan for r6 3 black arrow or the original?

Right now we mostly play BA but I like original alot better so I’m trying to get a clan in a clan for that but the ladderon gamebattles is dead.

pete, i play the fuck out of rainbow from time to time, add me to your friends list and lets rule the world, i am down for clan shit too until the new lockdown comes out, i am better at rainbow than fighting games too

Hey anyone down to play lockdown when it comes out add me: SafeMode.

the original r6 is good for the stage City Street Large or at least i think thats the name but besides that BA is better, mainly cause they fixed the lean glitch. That was crap

anybody up for playing some more of this game
i just popped it back in today since i have a year left.
any body have any other rec’s for some xbox live goodness?
my gt= defiant wang

I don’t play Rianbow Six 3: Black Arrow…but I used to play this game called Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow. Until I found out that it’s just not fun to play such an FPS on an Xbox pad. Aiming is pretty much a matter of luck in that game sometimes. Between the obvious auto aiming and lack of accuracy with the analog sticks…it just gets too random for me. The game is fun and does require a little bit of skill as far as positioining and organizing and all that but…the aiming is too random for me. People like to abuse stupid stuff like repeatedly crouching up and down to make their hit boxes much harder to get a precise shot on. Then they run up and give you a cheap shot in the legs and you die. :tup:

I think the game should do things more realistic like giving you a fatigue meter and stuff. That way doing erractic things like repeatedly going into and out of crouching while running and running recklessly with a heavy weapon will slow you down and make you an easy target.

Um…I just got Rainbow Six-Critical Hour… and im enjoying the campaign mode currently…Does anyone have it?

I heard that game sucks.