Ribbon cable damage...what options do I have?

Hey gang. I modded my HRAP EX a few months back with great results except it looks like the mic/headset cable was propped up just perfectly that the bottom of the stick wore it down! It was the only cable not taped down from the factory but in hindsight I should have taken care of that.

Now I’m not sure what to do really. Is it even possible to source a new one from anywhere or should I perhaps cut it cleanly and re-solder all of them myself? My soldering skills are novice at best and those look tiny…

Any advice is appreciated!


And a pic of the stick for you modders.


Is that wire completely severed? Does your mic slot still work? If it still works just use some electrical tape to secure the area.

In my opinion, the easiest way and most ghetto is to probably repair that is to reconnect the wires in that exposed area with some strands of copper. After that you could use electrical tape to secure the area.

I don’t know if you can find a replacement for it, if not you could always create your own type of wire harness with wires and pin connectors, and then use some heat shrink tubes.

So maybe just patch a few copper strands on top you’re saying? Hmm…that might just work since the two on either side are relatively in tact. As long as they don’t cross that might work!

You would want to take an xacto knife and slice the ribbon beside the area that needs repair so that you can wrap electrical tape tightly around the wire.


Kind of hard for me to put into words what I mean, but basically where I drew the green lines you want to slice open (since it’s not a wire and just part of the ribbon).

Then wrap electrical tape separately around each wire that needs repair.

I got exactly what you meant gl0ry and it worked perfectly! I sliced both sides, isolated the wire and put in some copper strands from a larger wire I had on an old controller. Worked perfectly!

Thanks a ton dude!