Ribena in my button!


Pretty stupid ‘noob’ question so flamers, you are on in 5.

I managed to spill Ribena in my Sanwa button and it now doesn’t spring back like it is supposed to.

Before I take my stick apart, is it easy to open one up and clean it or shall I just buy a new button?


You just do like this:

Snap-in, Screw-in, it same.
Sanwa, Seimitsu, it same.

I want Ribena.
Let me have.


Shouldn’t be drinking blackcurrant while playing. :stuck_out_tongue:




JDM you da man!

Ribena is awesome


Can I get from you some Ribena? :bgrin:

Your Buttons are cool now, and you playing?


Ribena + Guinness = MMMMMmmmmmm


JDM if you are ever in London, I promise to buy you a Ribena bro.

Yuro, you serious?!?!?!?!?!?!


What the hell is Ribena?


Yeah man!

Black & Blood, aka, Guinness and Black: Guinness & Ribena (Black Current)


I see, thats why I havent heard of it. Im a Tequila, Crown and Vodka man (not mixed together of course)


The other reason you have not heard of it. It’s primarily sold in UK and probably not widely available in every US supermarket as say Pepsi.


Whats pepsi? j/k
I dont drink beer or anything similar to it. But my dad brews his own stuff every now and then. Its a darker and thicker than shiner, very delicious. I can drink afew bottles of that before i go out. Not driving of course.


what it isissss



Ruining good guiness. :frowning:


Vimto >>> Ribena

Yeah I said it :bluu:


you high?!! Ribena 4 life!! :annoy: :rofl:


Vimto can fuck right off!

AJ if you are ever in UK you must sample the wonder that is Ribena.


Ribena +1


I am tempted to register on SRK as Ribena and then give it +rep just for being amazing