Ric Flair Gets In Confrontation with Bisexual Wrestler's On Air Companion



This is an interesting story to say the least. Ric Flair is a legend in pro wrestling. Orlando Jordan is pretty well known for being one of the few openly bi wrestlers. He was in the WWE for a time and received a fair amount of success but was released a few years ago for traveling with someone that the WWE didn’t authorize (many people believe that it was OJ’s boyfriend).

OJ also proposed a ‘bisexual’ gimmick to the WWE but they rejected that offer on account that it may offend a lot of wrestling fans as well as the wrestlers themselves.

So OJ signed with TNA (WWE’s main rival) and wrestled as a regular ol wrestler until this past Monday when he debuted his new ‘open’ gimmick.


The guy Ric Flair scared is shown at the end.



call me a homophobe, but i had to cut that vid off after dude bit the caution tape off himself lol


Orlando Jordan is a shitty wrestler.


what does Golddust think of this???


Yeah, Orlando Jordan is low tier.




Ric Flair’s been a bigot and a douche since, like, forever.

Dr. B makes right, so see the light!


Wow, Orlando’s looking extra homo these days. I always knew he was bi, never minded, but wow.





People other than rednecks and retards care about wrestling?


That picture offends me because he looks like a wanna be guido

Just occurred to me what a wacky world we live in when WWE will have a guy like Muhammad Hassan, but not a gay wrestler because it could offend people :rofl:


On the contrary, guidos wish they were that dark.


Dont forget about the young kids who dont know any better.




That is good question. You don’t get more Bi or confusing then what Golddust was pulling off with Marlena and his “performances

Edit: Also wasn’t Billy Gunn and some other dude in a tag team where the gimmick at one time being REALLY gay?


Chuck as in Chuck Palumbo.


I always assumed they were working the whole “bromance” angle.


That was Billy and Chuck. That gimmick worked so well that when they were to be ‘married,’ they appeared on the Today Show and got a bouquet of flowers from GLAAD.

It was fake of course but pretty groundbreaking.


ric flair is old enough to have to rigorously avoid conflict with coca cola let alone another human being


AH ha your post made me giggle. :slight_smile:

Holy Shit. You know that I remember playing WWF on SNES so long ago, and even THEN Ric Flair looked sooo old. I mean for sure, he’s a wrestling icon, and I always liked/respected him. Shit I’ve imitated him countless times (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!). But fuck man, IT IS TIME TO HANG IT UP.Mother fucker is going to die soon bet.

OKAY, that guy is definitely flaming but shit, since when have big sweaty men NOT ran around in speedos on wrestling programs?? I mean really, other than Ric, WHO GIVES A FUCK?