Rice Barrel

I’m bored and decided to see if I even remember how to function PS properly anymore.

Next 4 people to post gets an av.

Note: I will half ass it, because I don’t care.


What do you want.

I want you to make me an AV for ABC #11.

Make it “retro” in some way, don’t show it to anyone else, and PM it to me before tuesday.


Nice try!

I’ll only place low in your “tournament” anyways. Quit persisting.

Half assed sexy Prem Cammy av, plz.

i know im going to regret this but surprise me:confused:

Dr. Zaius


Wiggidy wiggy wokkity SHAW.

Yeah, I’ll do the others after I’m done playing some more WoW.



There you go.

Haha, those are fucking great, especially Shizuma’s XD.

hooray half assed


you get what you ask for