Richmond, CA Hyperbolic Time Chamber Training Mode Time


Welp, i totally forgot about NCR and went to work. While standing there like a chump I got an idea. Why don’t I get people over to my house for some fighting games? So yeah, I live in Richmond and I want to get a good group of people going who just want to level up with other like minded people. As long as you don’t:

A. Steal
B. Start problems
C. Mind my smoking
D. Mind my dogs
We’re cool. I wanna do this mostly on Sundays but depending if I’ve got other stuff going on it might be other days as well. Any interest? Oh yeah almost forgot, I’ve got a Dreamcast(CvS2,MVC2, ST,JJBA), a 360(SSF4), and a Neo-Geo 4 slot candy cab(Last Blade 2, World Heroes perfect).


I live in Pinole and I’d be down for some casual gaming. Hit me up when you’re ready to host. I have a PS3 and a TE stick just so you know.



I work Sundays, so I’ll end up getting there around 6-7 O’clock. I’ve got a PS3, a Hori FS3 (bought it a few years ago, couldn’t get used to it), and that old CRT t.v. with the VCR for another setup. Im having AC flashbacks lol.

We’ve played online a lot NSX. I didn’t think you were so close.


Since I’m only working part time right now I’m actually pretty flexible.It’ll be byo chair for a minute but I’ve got the space and the time so why not? I’ll PM you guys my address.


I live in the Rich, close to the hills and central. If u got room I’m down to swing over on a Sunday for a few games. I can bring a 360 stick as well as some snacks or sodas if needed.

Glad to see I’m not the only guy in Richmond playing SSF4 lol. Big ups for hosting!


This Guy:
Hey… I think I remember your screen name… Sweeeet. Really want to play offline… I also work on Sundays so 6pm is a good time for me if you guys prefer Sundays. Hope this happens soon… =)

Thank you in advance for hosting…


Since I will be busy this Sunday but free tomorrow(until nighttime, the lady wants to go clubbin) and daytime saturday(until 6 then I gotta split for work) anybody down for some games? Post up and let me know.


I think I could get in on this. Sundays are work nights, but it could work since I work in San Pablo, and aren’t due in until 1am. Games before work could do me some good!

I’ll try and keep an active eye on this thread. For the east bay.


I have a photo gig tomorrow and a wedding video gig on Saturday so I’m not available. Would’ve love to play tomorrow. =( Hopefully next week I can start joining you guys.


I’m free on Saturday. Do you still have that fightpad for 360?


I don’t, it belonged to Gamestop anyway. I can probably get one though. We have a bunch of them at work.

IIRC you work at the casino right? I remember you from Seth’s in Oakland. Yeah man, come on through.


Hey i am still down to play. This Sunday is no good but ill try to make it on a regular basis.
Put some new sticks in that cab foo. -_-


Hey hey, that I do! I thought I recognized your SN. Damn I miss playing at Seth’s. That’s where I got my start when I moved down here. Good times, good times.


Anybody up for some games this sunday?


Do you have 2 DC sticks and/or PS2 -> DC converters? I’d be down to play on Sunday. I don’t play much Super, but it’s always cool to play offline.

I miss the ol’ Tiger Crane Fist dojo as well :sad:


Depending on which part of Richmond ur at (no car unfortunately) I might be down for some games when I get back from the peninsula this weekend. PM me the details and hopefully I can roll thru at least once before I make the move to the other side of the bay nex month.


I’m down for Sunday. I’ll probably be there around 6. I was about to come last week, bu something came up a the last minute.


I’d be down. Don’t think I’ll be sleeping before work tomorrow.


I’ve got a couple of Green Goblins for the DC.How does 7:30 sound? Expect PM’s later tonight with details.


Can I join tonight with you guys? I can bring snacks if needed. I also have a TE stick… You got PM.

Thank you