Richmond Fighting Game Community: Next Tourny - CIVIL WAR

We all know how BlazBlue money matches end. Somebody cries and bails out and never shows their face around again.


Does this mean BB will have at least 2 people signed up for it at Civil War? I might have to actually practice CS2.

… Nah! Tier Whoring Noel is enough.
Also, I’m gonna play Ibuki for AE. I need someone who auto-wins if my opponent can’t block.

The Matchup probably doesnt seem to matter too much as long as you can knock them down and start a kunai vortex. I can never block it.

Time for me to find a new hobby

you could always buy a 360 and be a winner with this guy when GEARS OF WAR 3!!! comes out

Does anyone who comes out regularly play Akuma? That Vortex is fun stuff and I don’t really find his low health all that bad because I’m used to Chun who only has 50 more Stamina. I’ts the 200 less stun he has then Chun that causes me stress.

I played him for a little while and can do some vortex stuff but really i just picked him up to beat Robin’s Zangief

I think there’s someone who’s been playing akuma for over 10 years and has over 500 hours of training mode logged. I forgot who though, hmm…

edit: Adam did you ask your neighbor if i could leave my car there or do I have to use the street?

the only money match i can remember is with perry and that one guy that played tager. where that one guy was going to be blindfolded and play nu. and they both bailed on it.

we’re getting together a tourney in the burg. hit me up for info. noticed there’s no real fighting scene in the burg but we’re tryin to change that. but yeah… you should help us fix this problem lol

If there’s anyone near the central virginia, lynchburg roanoke area that wants to get in on a tourney we are setting up. MK, MvC3, SSF4AE, and Possibly Tekken 6… lemme know. like I mentioned to someone else on here… there’s not much of a fighting scene but we are trying to fix this problem. hit me up… our group is The Brotherhood of Fighting and to start this lynchburg area scene we could definitely use some help.

You should try coming out to some of the other area tournaments and get to know people around. Charlottesville went through the same thing and we made it a proirity to get to know the people around in the area first and then ask them to come to one of our gatherings. We are still a small community in Cville our highest turnout for casuals was last night actually and that was 12 people, we normally have around 8-10.

hmm. when do you guys meet up? that’s a possibility. c-ville is still like about 1.30 hours away. i know we would be willing to make the drive but it would be nice to somehow get the people around here in lynchburg area to have something close, ya know. but we’ll definitely check that out if you give us some info.

we’re new to trying to get something like this going. we juts looked around one day and realized there was absolutely no fighting scene around us and really wanna fix that lol so definitely thanks for the advice.

there is a huge roanoke/blacksburg scene. they have a virginia tech thread thats got a lot of people regularly posting.

Cville should only be 1 hour away straight up 29 from lynchburg. I did that drive the other week.

2nd’d on The Mole’s post about traveling a little bit and getting to know people before they’ll come to you. It’s also the law of competition, usually the onus is on the player seeking greater competition than himself.

Corey: Huge roanoke/blacksburg scene? Really? There are like 10 players there. Richmond must be like GIGANTIC, then.

Is this my old roommate Gary? And yeah, Huge Roanoke/Blacksubrg scene might be pushing it just a bit. Especially since we lost one of our main players to the Richmond area

You can find all the info you need in our thread or you can PM me and I’ll give it to you personally

Best of luck to all the Richmond representatives going up to ECT. I plan on watching every minute of it, and I’m looking forward to you guys bringing it hard.

Do you happen to know if the Light Tatsu > Low Roundhouse is a 1-framer i shoud plink or is it a 2+ frame link i should just learn the timing for? Im betting its character specific and the larger characters have a larger window but I cant really tell.

There’s never any harm in plinking if the situation allows for it.