Richmond Hill, Jamaica, Forest Park, Middle Village NY


Dear srk people,

Looking to see if anyone in these areas is looking for sf4 meet ups. This is for high level collaboration/training/learning ect. in regards to training for events. If there is already some meet ups going on around there, please post me if you would be ok with having a visitor drop by. If you live around this area and already travel to places like next level, please post as well.



I hope you did find some venues, but if not, there are some sessions in Astoria at Break Bar. I’m not too far from Jamaica, or Richmond Hill, but IDK of venues in that area. There’s also Mashfest in the city, Next Level in BK, or 8 Bit Dojo in Lower Manhattan.


Thanks for responding to this old thread. Astoria is a bit difficult to access for me. I would go to next level preferably, but also same issue. I have been checking out Mash fest. Was able to attend one of the nights. I was the abel player with the white eight arc stick, maybe you spectated some of my matches. Anyway, nice to meet you. If you have ps3, we can do some sets.


Actually I never been to Mashfest lol. I was just through the forum and saw your post. It’s short notice, but there’s a event with Mashfest tonight.

My brother has PS3 but I gotta set up my acct again. If I can I’ll let you know.

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mashfest was fun, I would do it again. I did not bring my stick with me today though. I recommend checking it out, very nice people and the organizer was also very nice. Drink specials are also very good there. Only issue I had was getting used to the xbox latency.