Richmond Hill / Markham 2009

If you play sf4 here drop your
PSN or Xbox info here

because playing people close by you is more fun for 3 reasons

#1. Less Lag

#2. You can talk shit in real life which is more funny cause yeah ( or you could beat them up)

#3. you can smoke weed together

#4 i dunno think of it yourself

Btw bring it on any ken players
Mirror match Biatch

my PSN info is Muiyoo. Still in training

Just dont Label this thread “Loveghetty LOUNGE” or it will share the same fate …

lol matt
your thread sux, sorries :frowning:

The GTA needs its own console tournament soon.

Toronto =/= GTA?

If anyone wants to play please add me.

PSN: Chap2007

Who likes Love
and Spagehhti

Noodles and Red sauce = arcade in toronto

i mean food no wait i mean a place to own…
If your asian and you like the english names of chinese restaurants heres mine

“A Good Place To Eat”

Decent Seafood.

Nice to Meeting You Restaurant

is actually the full name of a restaurant here.


Do you have Fadi’s (Gety Geif + Akuma Player) phone number / msn?

I know he lives around Bathurst + HWY 7 which is closer to Vaughn but wtvr.