Richmond SF4 players

im looking for people to play against and possibly get teams together for any upcoming tourneys…lemme know!!!

People are probably gonna say this thread is unneccessary since we have so many VA threads already.

BUT until we get a sizeable number of people to post here I say we keep this thread. Richmond, I know y’all are out there, please support. We’ll go back to the main thread once there’s enough of us to matter.

Alright, now that I actually have time to compose a post in this thread…

What’s your plan?

RVA has a lot of players but most of them have just showed up on the scene and since we have no “gathering place” there’s a very real danger of them making just one post in a thread populated almost entirely by non-Richmonders that gets like 2-3 pages of posts a day and just being completely and immediately forgotten, and we really shouldn’t let that happen.

TornadoFlame does an excellent, excellent job of organizing things around here, and I can’t stress that enough. But honestly I want to have some cometition/people to play with more than once every 2 months. And sometimes it’s my own fault/schedule that disallows me from going to things but, there’s no “regular” scene here.

Obviously there has to be some hype to get people to attend an event, currently there’s no real “Richmond only” forum to do that. Your best bet to organize something, like a tourney, would bet to get with TornadoFlame and get him to hype it. But, he’s already running bimonthlies at Play N Trade on Cary Street, so this would have to be your thing. I would try to hype it too, but sadly most RVA players only post once then dissapear.

This may not be neccesarry but I’m gonna list off to the best of my knowledge who’s in Richmond who plays SF also including their location if I know it and any other useful information. These are the people likely to come out if we do something local (I hope.)

Spectre General:
Location: Henrico; Lakeside
Can Host: No

Location: Henrico; West End
Can Host:?

DIMMU SAKURABA: (I don’t think he has SF IV or a system which supports it, he may also just care about “casual” gaming, though he will absolutely kick your ass in anything.)
Location: Henrico; Broad Street
Can Host: No

TornadoFlame: (Runs pretty much every event we ever have here)
Location: Chester
Can Host: Rarely

VA_King: (Has occasional gatherings, but always in the daytime)
Location: The Fan
Can Host: Sometimes

Location: Chester
Can Host: No

Location: Henrico; North Side
Can Host: No

Location: Chester
Can Host:?

Moose (a.k.a Billy): (Extremely OG, and incredibly good, almost never posts on the forums.)
Location: The Fan
Can Host: Yes

FlipKev: (Not sure if he plays IV for real)
Location: Colonial Heights
Can Host: Probably Not

Location: Downtown/Fan
Can Host: Sometimes

Rioting_Soul: (Does not have transportation)
Location: Chesterfield
Can Host: No

Ken: (Plays casually, but is really good, also, doesn’t have transportation, and doesn’t post on forums)
Location: Downtown/Fan
Can Host: No

Location: Henrico; West End
Can Host: No

Shamy: (Extremely OG, don’t know anything esle, never met him)
Location: ?
Can Host: ?

PuppetXMaster: (Does not have the game or transportation)
Location: Chester
Can Host: No

Armon: (Knows Tornado, almost never posts, doesn’t have IV compatible system, but plays anyway.)
Location: Midlothian; Brandermill
Can Host: Sometimes (doesn’t have the game though)

Channing: (Knows Tornado, doesn’t post [as far as I know])
Location: Midlothian?/Petersburg?
Can Host: ?

Eddie: (Knows Tornado, doesn’t post [as far as I know])
Location: Petersburg?
Can Host: ?

So we have 3 confirmed people who can hold gatherings, and one of them doesn’t have the game, one of them plays casually and can’t really support more than like 4 people (SonicHuman), and the other one can typically only do stuff during the day.

I’d like to see all these people post in this thread but I find that unlikely to happen, but I can hope. I agree that the downtown/fan area is probably best as far as “central” goes, as Midlothian is a bit of a hike for me and Henrico is a bit of a hike for them. I’d like to be able to play casuals face to face however and I’m pretty sure others would too, as online is full of lag and fail.

If you have a venue, and would like to have a mini-tourney, we could try to organize it, It’s a big job, but don’t feel like you’re alone. If I had my own place I would totally have gathering there on the regular, but I happen to not make a lot of money and it’ll be awhile before I do.

thats one big ass list

i can definately host events whenever…i pretty much make my own schedule…i can do events at whatver frequency you guys would like…weekly monthy bi monthly so on and so fourth…and ive got my own place…well its me and my brother…same thing…and i think that doing something with play n trade is a good idea…we all need to unite and make something big happen…like i said…i can do whatever is necessary…and hell if people wanted i can do a gathering at capital ale…the midlothian capital has a private game room…its huge…if people wanted to bring setups…hell i can bring 2 myself… 360 and ps3…and i can provide food and drink…cuz i get it dirt cheap…hell im down for whatever

That’s a great list. As it says, I can’t host. My location is… technically West End of Henrico, but I live right where Henrico, South Side, and the city converge. MY SFIV game is starting to slip, though, on account of a red ringed 360 :expressionless:

Alright, I live in the fan too. Right next to the science museum. I’m married and have a kid on the way but… My apartment would be perfect. There’s a big screen tv and plenty of space for others downstairs. There’s a full size bar and a ping pong table and pool table. There’s also a chance Renegade/Robin will be back as early as summer. He’s going back to VCU to get his masters. But I would be more than welcome to attend some gatherings and play some games. Gorlab nation! Pimp my criminal Balrog SONS!

Again, you need to post more info moose! Don’t just disappear again.

Yeah, I can host I live right in the middle of the fan and go to VCU. Uhhh in fact if anyone in richmond want’s to play a few games today that might work however my girl might not be too pumped on that since I just got back from the NOVA tourny. Anyway, just post on this board. I’m about to go take a test but I’m free 11-4 then whenever I get out of a project meeting till late.

I have two HD tv’s a ps3 and a 360, one stick for 360 and 3 sticks for ps2 and two ps2 to ps3 adapters.

Gamma:Plays MVC2, SF4, Killzone. Trys to play A2, A3, and 3S
Lives in Chester (right down the street from TF)
Can sometimes host but space is kind of an issue.

As for Sham that fucker plays strictly Marvel, and lives in the west end. Where my chicken wings at mang?

this is tight…it seems like a pretty decent group…

How does anyone feel about having some sort of get together on sunday? time doesnt matter…me and my girl are prolly gonna go to 3 monkeys for brunch in the morning but after that…im free

what do u guys think?

Sunday is a whole week away. I play CvS3 everyday lol. Add me on XBL if you wanna play.

Oh, and gamma sucks. Haha. JUST KIDDING DAN. I’ll be on XBL for awhile today between now and 4 so if you guys want games post on here or something and I might get on.

don’t hate cause you can’t stop the headstomp tactics…:smokin:

Lol, I almost did against the NY team. Their Bison was difficult. I got new anti-bison tricks now though.

i know its a lil ways out…but that can give people time…so its not such short notice…but im down if anyone else is…in the meantime id like to play u guys online…ive added gamma just now…if anyone else wants to play just add me…

i really want to get something going here

Well go ahead and add me. I play most of the time. But I also play with a guy a play teams with a ton. So if you invite me and I dont play you that’s usually what I’m doing.

i just did king…thanks… i definately feel like the new guy here…not really knowing anyone here and all…but all in all good looks

and im serious about sunday if anyone is interested

If we are going to play online we should probably just play in person. Since you live in the fan that is. I live on strawberry and park.

werd im down…i dont have to work until 5…u tryin to get in some matches today…or another day?..its up to u

Unfortunately I can only play online until 4 then i have to do a project. But after my project would be when i can play in person. So maybe tomorrow. I’ll just post on here when I’ll be on XBL.