Richmond, VA 6-14

Well…it was quite a nice little tourny we had today…

  1. Issac Graham - MSP
  2. Sham - Sent/Cable/Capom, Storm/Sent/Capcom, Storm/Sent/Cable
  3. Matt Kavelek (Foomy) - MSP, Storm/Sent/Capcom, Storm/Cable/Capcom, Cable/Storm/Tron
  4. Omar Ballout - Mag/Cable/Doom, Storm/Sent/Capcom
    T5. Greg Mitchell
    T5. Pete
    T7. Dave Fleming (Big Dave)
    T7. Robin Palm
    T9. Antone
    T9. Eric ?
    T9. Ryan ? (Ironflip)
    T13. Jigga
    T13. Hash
    T13.Dan (Gammadynamite)

Thats pretty much all I know about who used what teams. I rape Pete for free…that is all.

thats good shit guys hope you all had a great time sorry i missed it…god i haven’t been in a tournament in…JESUS i don’t think like any this year LOL…wait…maybe thats true O.o

the NC tourny my bad

what about team tournament? did that happen?

youre lucky rick mears wasnt there! or else he would have taken 2nd!!! :lol:

Fuck you, Sham… you know I own you on console. Fuck the arcades, come over to my house… I’ll fuck you up like gravy on mashed potatoes. And no, that’s not random shit I just pulled out of my ass. The reasoning to that is because without the gravy on the mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes would be bad. So the gravy fucks up the mashed potatoes for free. :lol: Peace.


Good shit everyone, it was really cool meeting all the VA heads. Omar/Sham, let me hold that cabinet for a month :smiley: . Gonna have to have another one so MD can take over again.

This guy… the guy that plays warhammer 40k… and counterstrike… Yo, let me get your AIM so I can eventually send you the deagle headshots etc.

You ever want to scrim/pub/practice… holla at me. #breaks, #outspoken on gamesnet

Same as my srk handle, hit me up homey :cool: .


Thanks for the fun… MD was a damn cool bunch! Thanks for showing hospitality to my newly returning ass… Fun for all… Issac, congrats!

Let me know when MD wants some more of my rusty s-kills.

And for future reference, i was the tall white guy playing mostly Mags, CBL, Sent. (the one with the fast ass turbo-clipse… Issac, foomy, Dave, and Sham heard it!)



Whoa Josh, 2nd place at this tourny was firmly wrapped up, but we have some lower slots available if next tourny you/brandon/damien/ric were to make it down, lol.

Well, Issac is the truth…you got me bro. But It wont happen next time, gurantee it. You teach me magneto, I’ll teach you sentinal.

Team tourny did not take place due to people wanting to go to BW3’s.

Another tourny is being planned. Hopefully more people will come, even though this was a nice little turnout.

nah thats top 4 right there

Good Fucking Games…I PWNED YOU ALL!!!(at tiger woods golf)…Southside Sentinels are crazy. Sham, I don’t care if I have to come up there every weekend, I’m gonna learn sentinel the way you guys play it. Till next time…


goodjob isaac, don’t let VA bring you down…

I found out the dood shamy’s the one that was acting like a dick at ecc8. Dood, you lucky I was on constant-stoner mode on ecc8, next time you fukking shove me from watching a match, see what fukking happens you corny motherfucker…

p.s. Mitsuflip would own you ALL in counterdyke…

Sure guy. So…instead of saying some shit to me at ECC, you wait a month then type online…what a bitch. Thats why you got pushed the fuck out the way.

Josh…seriously, try to make it down sometime, I have $10 entry fee, so if you can take out VA/MD…it would be worth your trip. Bring Damian too, he owes me some chinese food, but I’ll accept some smoke instead…lol.

First of all, FUCK YOU…second, if you didn’t act like a fukking dickhead, I would not even have to talk about this shit…how about you NOT act like a fukking nazi in first place…third of all, no one from philly wants to fukking go to VA…why don’t you fukking come to philly…and FUCK YOU AGAIN…fukking corny motherfucker…FUCK YOU…I swear, come to philly and try push anyone you fukking corny motherfukker…next time, it won’t even matter if Im fukking stoned you stupid ass motherfucker…Its not even fukking me, I saw you at ECC8 fukking pushing EVERYONE out the way when any type of match was going on…so how about you suck my motherfucking cock and fukking enjoy it, fukking queer…i swear you and your fake ass cell phone calls can suck my cock…you know what? fuck that, you basically already suck all of shoryuken’s cock anyways…so fuck that…go fukking suck sanfords cock…or fukking damian’s for all i fukking care…just don’t fukking push me, shove me, or even fukking touch me…or let any part of your gay ass near where I am fukking standing…FUCK YOU!!! and you fukking suck at MvC2…fukking gay motherfukker…what do you mean Isaac won’t beat you again…he’ll fukking snap out your fukking whole family and infinite fuck you…stupid fuck…and don’t talk like you got anything on Josh or Damian…or ANYONE from fukking philly…and I know your thinking “man, how does this guy know me so well?” its cuz dickheads like you stand the fuck out like a sore thumb…and don’t even think about saying you can beat me in Marvel…cuz that would be fukking irrelevent…why? cuz MvC2 can suck my fukking cock too…yeah, you can beat me, so fukking what? Stop being a fukking dick…and don’t fukking EVER touch me, shove me, or come in my breathing radius…don’t wanna smell your fukking queer ass…


last time somebody pushed roger out of the way he killed their family and ate their children dont mess with him. i’m gonna have to say no about VA. thats just too far. i dont drive far unless i know exactly where to go.

goshdarn pottymouth!

haha, Six-armed got owned by Shamy.

Josh, you can drive to B-more and i’ll drive you to VA if you want. B-more is only like 2 hours from philly(when Jose drives, its an hour and a half :smiley: ).

Shamy and Roger, I love you guys both, don’t beef :frowning: . Roger, you should come down to B-more sometime, we gotta chill.

Your doing a lot of driving and all i want is my stick so i can play any game.

the stick where is the stick.