Richmond, Va La Familia Presents 7-12

Well…2nd tourny went pretty well…For some at least…

  1. Pungza
  2. Victor Salmon
  3. Omar Ballout
  4. Isaac Graham
    T5. Sham
    T5. Rugal B
    T7. Big Dave
    T7. Jose Lopez
    T9. John Paul
    T9. Jeff
    T9. Shawn Logan
    T9. Pete
    T13. Jigga
    T13. Hash
    T13. Red Rover
    T13. Gamma D
  5. Antone

I told you people Omar was better than me…

Edit…Pungza…my bad yo…typo.


Good shit people.

C u at evo:D

this is me mike :itz Pungza not punga lol… tourny was fun just got home now… tired

Damn…I need to get my damn name off the bottom of that list.
I’ll be back for revenge Issac:lol: :lol: :lol:

Tourney was fun. Props to the host w/ the most Sham.


good tourney. weapon x is just too powerful. i have him over my house till thursday so if i can get a copy of mvc2 i can start to play and try to get good again. isaac, are you playing today? if so, let me meet you somewhere and cope a copy of mvc2. it’s my birthday…yesterday…please?:smiley:

Good shit everybody, lets try and have another one before evo :smiley: .

Jose:yea, we goin to that kids house in hagerstown, i’ll hit you up.

Twas fun.Should have been called the oven tournament though cause it was so damn hot.:frowning:

congrats pungza…

J.lo your new av is a masterpiece…

damian: i need to come to philly and learn to play granite. me and pungza will bring funny trees.

What did I say? 20 DOLLAs!!!

manic depressive that shit brandon.

you guys should just settle this by playing for money… arguing is for batches and ain’t no batches here

man when i won an 8 man a3 tourney i was the happiest nigga in the world… but no one was there really.