Richmond, Virginia Results 2/11

Thanks EVERYONE THAT CAME, mostly to the players who TRAVELD the fartherest…

Rikuto’s bro
Random James
The Game
The Exalted



MT Fighter


Also… Va thanks, ABA foundation, Petersburg, MD, etc etc.

Great turnout! Def. more than I expected. The room was PACKED, I think 100+ players came out, thank you all for supporting.

3rd Strike

1st Jwong
2nd Charged
3rd Jeron


1st Jwong
2nd Victor


1st Jwong
2nd Mick
4th Wojito
5th Game
5th Ryry


1st Mick


1st Gunflame
2nd Shazay
3rd SMP
4th Beatface


1st Daniel
2nd Flash
3rd Blackula


1st Shade Swifteye
2nd JustOwnin
3rd Perfect Legend
4th Sorwah
5th Hatred/Verify


1st Chudat


lol jwong wins like everything.

good shit mick and jinmaster tho.

Thanks JM for making this happen and thanks NY for showing up. I will definitely come to another Richmond tourney again. :tup:

Hope everyone got back safe, that snow crept up on us when we got back, was pretty bad. Nice to meet a bunch of y’all I see post on SRK, but damn I was fuckin up(/ end chapelle). GGs to everyone I played in 3S, yo Aaron I don’t think I’ve ever seen you get a damn break in this game, you’ve faced like 8 Chuns in a row in tourney lol. Hit me up whenever man, I know NoVa can do better.

its jensel but thats fine


Definatly fun playing everybody. Really nothin’ left to say except that I know I need to play a lot more so I can get back some of the money I spend at the door. See y’all at the next DC monthly hopefully.

Lol Justin won T5.

GGs to everyone I played/raped in #R.

GGs to all the #R people, fun stuff. See you guys at Katsucon/next DC monthly!

Hell yeah man fun shit. Couple scores were settled, funniest part were my fellow Petersburgans going A! A! A! A! at my Sol air combos when I was playing against GFB like a Genei Jin/Yun SA3

Too bad not too many ppl stuck around to watch me beat Ninja Gaiden for PC Engine (Japanese Turbografx 16) and get their chance to play Dracula X.

Nice job on 2nd place in 3S… good $hit, Eddie!


Or play any of your Super Famicom stuff as well.

BTW, anyone accidently took two PS2 controllers labelled “BH” on them?

Fun Fun Fun

Damn you got 1st place?!?!?!? awww man. Yeah you did raped some of the folks there with your sol hahahaha.
Sadly you did raped the fat kid and toneman (which i cant stop laughing) Yeah i gotta start comming 2 these tournys so that i can play the rest of md by then i should be a lil-bit better. Oh thanks for my free copy of GGx

How were the numbers?

And Ive got a question, what happens with the extra money that meant for the venue? Cause I know that peoples had to leave because there were too many heads. If the turnout was over a 100, than there was more than $1,000 put towards the venue.

Yo kid hit me up on aim… Im thinking bout getting back in to #r

It was fun playing everyone this weekend also… im still mad somehow i got cut out of the 3s tourny and no one came and got me… but whatever

Good shit to j wong for winning his shit as usual…

finally good to be back in the scene… im def down to go to those monthlys and Yall watch out for magman… he gonna be dangerous!!! With my training he will become a great 3s player yet!!!:lovin:

Well, honestly I didnt plan for that many players to come out, however, I am happy that it was so packed.

I’d rather have 150 ppl come to my tournament complaining that too many ppl came, then have 15 ppl show up, and players complain that I run crappy tournaments.

Anyway, Im sure you are aware of VTYME. I’m planning a world event for VTYME3, and I’m looking to throw it in DC this time around. I want to advertise on the radio, as well as possibly brining japanese players over. Any money I receive from these monthly tournaments, I assure you comes right back to the community.


oh damn, NY came down. i should’ve went :frowning:

I believe it dog, just wanted to know if this was some sort of way to gain profit. As long as the money is being reinvested, than I am wiliing to lose more money in tournies.

Where were you? Your name was called out many times.

Your never on AIM… drop me an IM whenever, im always online. S/n is Gunflame Buri

i was in the room the WHOLE TIME dude… if y ou called me i m sure peopel would have gotten me. but its all good man