****Richmond VIRGINIA Tournament! 3rd Strike/MvC2****

Alright, A tournament in Richmond is Rare!

BIG doa4 tournament here as well…

I expect about 100 total players to be at this tournament**

Days Inn 2100 Dickens Road
Richmond, Virginia 23230

When: Feb 11th 2006

Time: 1pm

Venue Fee: $10 ---- or $5 if you bring a TV/game

Entry Fee: $10 per game

Games: DOA4, T5, SC3, Smash, Cvs2, 3rd Strike, MvC2, #R, VF4:EVO


check out www.apexbus.com for cheap bus routes from NY to DC. Last I checked, it was $35 roundtrip. If you take this BUS, we can arrange for someone to pick you up from DC and take you to Richmond.

If you would like to go, IM sure there are OTHER SITES that take you from Baltimore, Philly, etc etc straight to Washington DC for VERY CHEAP!!!

Pre-Reg List

New York

  1. Justin Wong
  2. The Game
  3. Lordsavoir
  4. Jinmaster
  5. LOC
  6. SMP
  7. Xeromos
  8. Whodat
  9. Winback
  10. RyRy
  11. Millionz
  12. Tiamat
  13. Blackula
  14. Aries
  15. kooij
  16. Wei
  17. <AOD><AOD>
  18. Foxfire
  19. Naomi
  20. The Proffesor
  21. Bill
  22. Aubz
  23. Rioting Soul
  24. Skittles
  25. HBK
  26. skeems
  27. Wojito
  28. Jaguar
  29. Jin86
  30. Kissin a Tree
  31. Grimm
  32. SWBeta
  33. DOC
  34. Silent Shade
    North Carolina
  35. Kasht
  36. Nas
  37. Boom
  38. KpC
    Dr Dogg
    3s Masta
    Tom Brady
    Magic Mike
    Gren Kuts
    JustOwnin aka FINAL BOSS X
    Dental Spider


sign me up for tekken. LOL JUST KIDDING.

ill be there for 3s and mvc2.

and appreciate you throwing in the 2d love again jinmaster :D.

What do you know about me coming through to this shit!!!

Man ill go to this. Hopefully me and the MD crew can round up everone in our cars and head on over.

Ur price is well… quite a bit more. DC montly cost me only 12 bucks this will cost much more.

Gas, 20 to 30 for game entress, and 10 to enter… aww man, We aint as rich as u think. I spend my money on new games or i save up… im goona go broke if i go to every one of these. Is a Price change possible and how big is this space will be in?

  • ill probly go anyway but ya just lemme know.

I might be there. sign me up for mvc2 and 3s.

What do ya know about me coming through to this shit as well???

Too expensive.:tdown: I also hope this isn’t a replacement for DC monthly…:wonder:

Yeah, is this the “new” venue for the DC monthly? If so that’s great and all but yeah…price is a bit more steep at 10 to get in and 10 per tourney. If that’s the case then I’m only spending 20 bucks (I’ll help out with my bro and friends I guess but that’s it). 10 to get in and 10 for 3S. That’s it. :lol: The new venue sounds like it should be more roomy. Probably would mean a larger show up too though (providing the fees don’t scare people away).

Also, how do you get on the Pre Reg list? Be cool to already have paid in advance before I go and all.

Oh snap…this thing is on the 11th? Crap. I have work that day until 3 and this thing starts at one. I dunno…I’ma have to ask for a vacation day on this one. Asking for one on a Saturday would be kinda iffy too. We’ll see.

Any chance Guilty Gear could happen?

This is not the new replacement for the DC monthly!

This is a separate tournament.

I dont know about GG right now. Depends how the response looks.

I should be able to make this. Put me down for MvC2 and 3S.

Any way we can add CvS2?

The higher venue fee is to accomodate the higher cost of renting out a hotel room. DC monthly guy let us in the place for practically free (2$ an entry)

Jinmaster is still prolly gonna take a loss on the room.

higher Tourney fee is to attract the big name outta state players, making it a better tourney. No one from GA or NY comes for 5$ tourneys… sorry.

So stop whining.

And yeah, CvS2 should be added. 3 times more popular in Richmond than marvel.

Maybe some ST? (AE in a pinch)


yes please add cvs2 and super turbo I don’t mind having either.

Jin, you know if you have #R us basards will show up, AND run the damn thing. Add #R. Theres some SoVA players that talk alotta shit in GG too, I wanna take their money.

And yes we could bring TVs and systems and copies of #R… hurry up and allow #R so we can take off work =P.

yea ill enter if there is GG tourney. but meh it’s up teh jinmaster.

youre not gonna take their money, i will… if i come.
sounds tempting but i have to be careful with the amount of money im puting out lately, there are too many turn. for me to play in them all.

to put it bluntly.

If it is THAT expensive for you, then dont come. Like someone said, bigger cost, bigger turnout, more money on the pot + the other 10 to cover the rent.

OK, I will add #R :looney: but it will be $10 entry fee

Me and the other folks will b there…imma see if i can grab some other ppl for 3s and tk5

Cvs2 Add It Add It