Rick & Morty Thread: Season 3 Sundays @11:30pm EST | Vindicators Reboot when?


I have no idea why we had no thread on this before. Last night’s finale was fucking sick.

I was wary when it first premiered but by ep4 it really picked up. I preferred the kind of finale they did as opposed to continuing the [spoiler=] Evil Morty plot [/spoiler]


Forget it, man. This whole site slept on R&M. Wubba lubba dub dub.



The whole series has been hilarious from the first ep. A mix of schadenfreude, zaniness, and woeful adventure. I love it.

Rick can get to be a bit unbearable at times though, I have a feeling he wasn’t always a such a asshole. I wonder about what happened to his wife?

The little after-endings are a nice touch too.


Idk I didnt fall in love till ep4 but I love Dan Harmon and I could see the potential (that obviously came into fruition).

Whenever Rock becomes so outrageous I remember that Rick has seen almost everything the universe has to offer. If any man has done or seen the things he has they would probably be the same way. Like even the Rick society and morty replacement but then I think to myself, of course Rick would implement something like this.


Rick & Morty is great. I’m only on episode 2 but its another great show out of AS.

AS & CN are back to bringing their A-game now.


I love this show. That finale was awesome.

Hi I’m Mr Meeseeks look at me!


this show had an unexpected level of fuckery. i knew i was into some weird ass shit when the grandparents were into cuckholding. I FUCKING LOST IT.

i love how it has continuity when it wants to…im kinda convinced the episode where they fuck up their own planet is a sliders reference. shit i think half this show is a sliders reference lol


Loved the show and the characters. Summer interacting with rick needs to happen more. Parents need to be flesh out more but I’m nitpicking.


lol parents aren the focus really so i dont think they need to be super fleshed out. that tv device kinda explained it plus the lil hints over the season. they have a realllllly fucked up marriage lol.


The dad is pretty fleshed out imo, he’s basically like a more insecure Randy from South Park.


True but i just don’t want him to have Homer Simpson syndrome. Dumb at times but has a good heart only to go full retard as the seasons go by. Granted I don’t know how long this will last but just my opinion. I just want a flashback episode ala Morel Orel that shows why things ended up the way they did plus Rick’s wife. Again not necessarily big but what I want to see.

I am excited to see where they go with the ricks vs mortys we’re expecting.


Its clear the Cronenberg situation was the best situation for their marriage lol.


This series is too damn good. I can’t wait for season 2.


Its crazy we are getting Boondocks right after to take its slot


I can’t wait till season 2. It’s two brothers, running in a van


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Ok summer, where are you?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6vdUM7_yEw

Just don’t fall they way of Venture Bros. Or Boondocks’ seasonal intervals


I can’t wait



Brilliant Stuff! :smiley:

Season 2 is going to be awesome!


That old man helmet joke… yep I’m going to hell