RiCo/Dip$et Saturday Tourney 2/18/06

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1 Albert
2 Joel
3 Jesse
4 Potter
5 Phat_toi
5 Bill
7 Tim
7 Abraham
9 Andy
9 Jonny
9 Matt
13 Other Joe

Capcom vs SNK 2
1 Albert
2 Jesse
3 Bill
4 Matt
5 Dentron
5 Potter
7 Joel
7 NamAss
9 Joe
9 Abraham
9 Andy
9 Eugene
13 Phat_toi

From Phat_Toi
Official MvC2 RESULTS!!! 4 Way Tie
1st Petey Piff
1st Phat Tozzle

Grand Final bullshit playoff

  1. Andy
  2. Matt

Videos will hopefully be up soon. In a few days.

Good shit guys! I’ll be back there in a few hours. :rofl:

Official MvC2 RESULTS!!! 4 Way Tie
1st Petey Piff
1st Phat Tozzle

This tourny was mad hyped. Much <3 to my dips im down to practice with you guys soon again. Work makes me =[ But tha cake makes me =D. I was mad impressed by the skills fellas. Keep it up for Ecc but watch out for them 50cent cabinets.

eyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… I think we’re ready to make that cake cum ecc.

once again this is el piffo under phazzles sn.

Return of the Queen

That’s riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight honey jal aka the wicked witch of the west aka the queen of Narnia is just that nice in all game, he was straight gracing and erasing all day everyday.

Yeah, like Phobos said, good shit! Random knock out on the stairs was great. GG’s to everyone that uh, served me in 3S and everything else. Fun times. Thanks again Andy for letting me come down ;D


man, potter, i have too many monikers but that one tops it off. this tourny was really fun and i would like to say that i was pretty agitated with the way i was playing. i was really off in cvs2 and 3s because i’ve never missed so much shit in my life. props to the hugo player for making me eat 182038102839 720’s in a row. props to jesse for making me fight for that gigantic pot in cvs2 and making me step up the sagat up on the spot.

andy: i would like to personally thank you for keeping the rico/riverside/ie/whatever scene is left alive by doing tournys and having us over. your house is central for everyone and big ups for having that dipset bird in the background of ur xbox. hahha

JALATNOUS JUICY JALENTINE JALLY: it’s nothing man, you dope and a really nice guy so yeah. I’d like to thank you/peter for having those Camelot weeklies and your help @ psm last summer because that got back into SF. I’ll keep at my game and maybe work my way up to honorary Dip$et.

RiCo: thanks to Nam, Jesse, and all the other players that have been around keeping RiCo alive before I had anything to do with it.

Dip$et: you guys are the best, you guys made the games 1000x better IMO.

Everybody was supportive as hell, and generally super nice and shit. As long as we keep this going everybody is welcome. Props to anybody that brought a joystick, food, whatever. Thanks again.

Bill 3rd in CVS2! <3 <3 <3


andy, you are a god among men

good shit to everyone especially me for gracing in cvs

Haha, I’m gonna post that video of you killing me in MvC2 in like 10 seconds.

Here’s 3s finals set 1.

Set 2