RICO! El Fuerte Fundamentals (cleaned up 09/05/12)

cr lk and standing lk are always great for pressure after any jab combo since they link from em. You can always do it after an overhead~ jabx3 combo as well.
After that crmk that warioman ended with if your ballsy enough you could go for an overhead reset if they are blocking low and keep the pressure going =)

Derp I forgot to add Focus Attack. Will be doing Combos soon. Please PM Me combos you’d like added and with Damage and Stun if you can. Please note if there is hit confirmation required.

Does anyone here think a Run Stop pressure section should be added?

yes it should be added for sure =)

Combo damage and stun values added, as well as a contribution from Munchi and WarioMan (thanks guys!)

I still feel I need to organize the Combo tab better though.

To add to Gordita Sobat. Apparently does NOT have air frames, since I’ve tried it on wakeup against Gief many times and always get grabbed. Has funky hitboxes though.

Close standing medium has air frames in the middle just before it connects. Use it to bait throws(especially Ultras) on opponent’s wakeup. Timing has to be adjusted on characters with slower throws.

Shower kick has no air frames. I think most of us know this but best to state it down.

Combo: cl. HK, cancel to Forward run, run UNDER opponent, stop and Super backwards. When you stop, it’s best to hold lp so it doesn’t negative edge into another run. Switches places with opponent and pushes them towards your corner. Looks spectacular.

Add option selects? Found a new and fairly useless one. Fun footsie trick though. Far mk ~ run cancel ~ mk. If the first hit whiffs, you get target combo. If it hits, you cancel into a run. :stuck_out_tongue:

^ The ‘cl. HK, cancel to Forward run, run UNDER opponent’ doesn’t work on Cody in my experience, which probably means there’s other characters it doesn’t work on, also. I’ll have to confirm that, though.

yeah your right. it doesnt work on dudley, guy, and balrog, the list is bigger though

Reorganized everything slightly.

Slightly updated. I wonder when we’ll get the new frame data info…


Can I get some option selects? I think that’s what can go in the TBA Section

Also… SPAB Kara throw!!


usefull option-selects:
jumpin OS run against teleporters of any kind (slide or whatever, you decide)
jumpin OS cr.hk (works good against characters that have a FAR backdash)
jumpin OS u1/2 (u2 works MUCH better, against all backdashes)
jumpin OS super (possible but not recommended)
jumpin OS f+mk (funny little gimmick)

thats all i can think of now :wink:

If I may ask, Could you please list the inputs bro?

sure, no problem.

jumpin OS run against teleporters: jumpin hp~qcf+p or hp~qcb+p. if the jumpin hits or is blocked, nothing will come out. if the opponent does a teleport, your run will come out depending in which direction you chose to run (you have to guess which way he is going to teleport, but still very very usefull especially if you can cross the opponent up because it makes it easier to guess which way he is going to teleport then :D)

jumpin OS cr.hk: jumpin hp~cr.hk (same description as above, but mostly usefull against FAR backdashes such as chun, rose etc.)

jumpin OS u1/2: jumpin hp~qcbx2+KKK (again same description as above but is going to catch ALL backdashes and grounded moves that have small invincibility-frames for example rose ex-spiral)

jumpin OS super: jumpin hp~qcfx2+K (same as OS u1/2, but less usefull because fuerte needs meter for other stuff)

jumpin OS f+mk: jumpin hp~f+mk (same as OS cr.hk but it leads to ground mixup instead of a hard-knockdown like the cr.hk)

as you can see, all his option-selects are basically the same. you just have to make sure your jumpin hp is MEATY or at least “safejump-timing”.
and above all: highest priority IMO is to bait moves instead. your best OS is not going to work against a wakeup-srk :wink:

Jeez this was late, but added Option selects.

Wow, so much to learn about playing El Fuerte. I been training on my RSF and then I realize even though I’m getting better at that, I have no idea about his ENTIRE game, so this thread is a big help. Really going to sit down in training and take it slow. Then maybe, I will be better. Thanks again for this thread, really helps a noob out.

you’re taking the time, you’ll be fine.

added info Spab has delivered about Sudden Stop

[quote=“Densuo, post:37, topic:114178”]

you’re taking the time, you’ll be fine.

Thanks bro! Already was trying the normals out, and testing the pokes with Fuerte to stuff Honda’s Headbutts, good stuff. Quick Question though, for Crouching MP you said that it has “A-A properties”, but I was practicing on Honda, because of the pokes, and I could not land the MP for Anti Air. Are you sure about that? Or is there a list for only some characters you can land that AA on?

crMP is very specific, gotta mess with it. It CAN do it, but I’d rather not use it.

remember I’m listing everything his moves can do so you can see what to and what NOT to do.

critical ex run info updated