RiCo postevo2004 thread

bill closed the last one so yeah… heres the new thread guys… i’m in hawaii right now so i’ll see you guys in a week, everyone beef up in cvs2 so you can beat me next week… except albert and nam, who need to stop being good

I’m moving to Arizona. I have my own apartment and get paid alot. So I am better than your children.

UCRollerblader is on my hit list! :mad: Peace.

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sup batch.
hawaii, go play djb13 and use rock.
see you when u come back.

yeah i would go play djb but uh, he lives on another island and it’s fuggin expensive to island hop… sucks i wanted to be on the recieving end of some trickz of the trade too

i don’t work tomorrow and i want to play tonight…somebody call me up…556 5889.

since jose’s pad is the spot to play mvc2,cvs2,3s (as long as we call in advance) everyone should go play there or psm. so, all u sorry fucks need to roll there. post up, or i will, when u guys want to play.

Ill be visiting So Cal to see Brood and play with all u crazy naggaz…so yeh I hope you are ready for the madness!!! It will be fun…


aight cool man, riverside could always use some more combo practice =O

I wanna play this Friday, wheres the spot going to be???

Dr B: When you going to be down here???

End TRANCEmission

GGs Lawrence and Jeremy (evilj), those were some intense CVS2 matches!!!11 My Guile needs a lot of work because Rolento was fuckin’ him up hardcore. :lol:

I’m down to go to PSM with you guys on Friday. Anybody else going???

maybe lawrence’s rolento, not mine heh. I heard rolento is a bad matchup for guile anyway.

RC and Bison anything own me.

i’ll be going to psm on friday.

a rolento will die to guile’s…USUALLY.

Unless it’s my shitty ass Guile!!! :lol:

Don’t worry; your shitty ass Guile can probably still beat my shitty ass Rolento, so Guile owning Rolento is still true :D.

Albert/Albizzy: Teach me how to use the Pimp Groove properly. I was fukking around with it against random UCR people and was doing decently. But… they’re scrubs and the other decent people aren’t in the area :(.

E.Honda will own everyone… standing 720 for that ass.

Who’s up for some shit Thursday??? Friday it’s going down for sure.

Albert=Kindebu killa

actually… i never want to fight against rolento with guile… he’s an annoying bitch, more annoying in c or p though

actually, anybody in p is annoying…even p DAN…i’ll prove that shit.

anywho, imma throw a cvs2/mvc2/3s meet up at my house tomorrow, which is thursday. imma throw it at 9 or 10 pm because jose’s been busy lately. call beforehand. =]

talk about super beaner…

Damnit…I’m suppose to go bar hopping tonight. :bluu: If people are going to show up at PSM tomorrow, I guess I’ll deal with traffic and join you guys. I feel like playing some 3s.

Edit…I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to PSM. I’m re-installing everything in my computer cuz it got raped by hackers and they left a virus in it. I also have to set up a wireless network at my house. If you guys do something after PSM, give me a call.