Rico Summer 2005 Thread Extravaganza!^_~

new thread… other one was getting stale

heehee :chat:

omg what the fresh thread

Dasrik says hello from his hospital room.

Who is going to Anime Expo this weekend? I’m going on Saturday

Nam and I are going to vegas tomorrow, everyone gogogogogo

win hella monies jesse <3

Bronson wants to play you in a money match.

I am just informing you of this.

Sir Phobos (Matt) & everyone else: Help me get better in #R and Tekken 5. I’m tired of playing my keyboard warrior roommate’s Baiken (who is pretty much the only character he uses, and whores counters a lil’ too much), and I only play the comp in Tekken 5. Oh, and I play 3S too, and I’m willing to be someone’s practice dummy in CvS2 and MvC2…

I’m down to play whenever during weekdays after summer classes, so hit me up for some practice.

who are you

and bronson knows i’ll beat him in anything other than t5

jesse/nam: good luck in vegas, i’m going to be at that hold 'em tourny at morongo tomorrow morning.

Hey, sure thing! I’m hella down to practice with you. When do your summer classes end? Anyway, you should definitely come on down to either my place or Lawrence’s since he lives a few blocks away from me now. We’re always game for #R, T5, and every other game I guess.

Jesse & Nam: Good luck in Vegas!

Albert: Good luck at Morongo!

EDIT: Did anyone see this thread yet? It’s an official 3 on 3 CVS2 team tourney at Evo this year.


Sounds pretty sick, and there should be a few Japanese teams playing too. Anybody wanna be on a team with me? >_<

William Wellman. Who are you, Deus?

do low short, low short + commando on one of the nurses

My summer classes don’t end till the end of August, but I’m taking hella short and easy classes (only 2 hours a day in the mornings from Monday to Thursday), so I’m good whenever (preferrably on Thursday afternoons and anytime on Friday unless I have something to do).

Good Games Sir Phobos, I think that was you, at James Games. Good games to everyone else I played. Once again I was reppin the green Longs polo. Playing Q on 3s and playing a-iori, random person, and blanka.

Yeah, that was me, GGs man! You’re a beast with that roll cancel, haha. Maybe I’ll see you at the next PSM tourney!

Sounds good! I might hit you up sometime next week.

i came out of vegas up $200…

i love check raising.

evo is coming up way too soon and all of us that aren’t albert are scrubs… mandatory practice at least twice a week, 6 times a week would be ideal.

good session last night guys