Ride the Wave: Wave Dashing summery

First all you need to know how to wave dash so go to this amazing guide by syke and windy(http://shoryuken.com/f340/so-you-wanna-go-ride-syke-windys-mvc3-basics-thread-255970/) and read up and practice it. Now to the main course

So i did some experimenting with Wave Dashing and this is what i found so far.
I rated it on a scale of 1-5, 1 meaning they have a wave dash but are so slow its not even worth it, or barely worth it and 5 meaning hella fast. If i had a working camera i’d just record it all and put it up on youtube, may borrow a friend’s later. If i left out something like a character having an air dash feel free to add on to this summery. Other people’s opinions may differ from mine so also feel free to discuss

Wesker: 4
Chris: 1
Dr.Doom: Cant wave dash but can 8 way air dash
Dormammu: Can wave dash but its so slow its not worth it, if i had to rate him it would be a 0
Akuma: 4
Tron: 3
Zero: 2, since the actual dash is a run it cancels his run so he doesnt cover much ground
Super Skrull: 1 the reason he is a 1 is because if you wave dash too fast he starts to use tenderizer but if you can time it hes like a 3
Taskmaster: 3
C.Viper: 4
Chun Li: 1 same issue as Super Skrull
Ryu: 3
Cap. America: 3
Thor: 2
Iron Man: 3
Trish: 3
Dante: 4
Spiderman: 4
Storm: 5
Amateratsu: 2
Spencer: 2 same issue as Zero only Spencer rolls instead of runs
Viewtiful Joe: 2
Wolverine: 5
Deadpool: 4, i almost want rate him a 5 because he goes under some projectiles when he dashes, so a perfectly timed full screen wave dash can go under beam projectiles
Magneto: 4 can also 8 way air dash
Hsien-Ko: Cant wave dash
Morrigan: cant wave dash but has a curved air dash if you dbl tap down forward or up forward
Felicia: 4
X-23: 5
Phoenix: 4
Sentinel: 6 his wave dash is so fast and covers so much ground its fucking stupid, and yes i do use Sent and i still think its broken how fast it goes
Arthur: cant wave dash, or normal dash for that matter
Haggar: 1
Hulk: 2, it covers alot of ground though
She-Hulk: 4

wow man. this is useful… thanks so much for this! :smiley:

Haha, really? I’d imagine it has to do with his size. I’d also imagine that he takes up so much of the god damn screen with all of his normals that he doesn’t even really get much of a chance to utilize it.