Ridge Racer 6

The game is ok if not repetitive just at different speeds but online is just bad. For a start why are there always cars that don’t move the entire race and just stay on the starting line? Secondly, and this is probably the worst, you never finish in the position you are in e.g you will race around the track in 2nd and when you finish you are 3rd. WTF??? No-one has passed you yet you lose a place. Happened 8 out of the 10 races I was in. Kinda spoils it for me. This happened to anybody else or is it just me?

Offline- :wonder:

Online- :arazz: :sad: :arazz:

That hasn’t happened to me (I haven’t played much RR6 online) but the cars that don’t move are probably players who just want a game online for the relevant achievement.

I remember playing Gauntlet four-player online for the first time, and there was one guy in the lobby who kept going on and on and on about how he was really excited because he hadn’t played four-player Gauntlet in years. Anyway, the game starts, everyone gets their four-player achievement and as soon as that happens, everyone quits on this guy lol Welcome to Xbox 360 online.

XB360 achievements. PS3 Entitlements. Wii Wecords.

sighsighsigh :sad:

(Yeah I made the Wii one up)