Ridiculous (and somewhat useless) way to combo into Ultra when far from corner



So I was screwing around in Training Mode and found this. I don’t think it has been posted before, but excuse me if it has.

There is a way, if you have Ultra and full Super meter, to combo your opponent into Ultra from over halfway across the stage!

I doubt it will be particularly useful, as the damage scaling brings the whole combo to about 415 damage or something. I also have a hard time doing it consistently, but I suppose that if anyone can land it on will, that it could potentially be another thing to add to your arsenal.

Anyway, here is the combo:

b+MK > MK > FADC Forward > EX Legs > EX Legs > Ultra

The timing after the FADC into EX Legs is crucial. The first EX Legs combo needs to hit only a few times so that the next one gets more hits and launches your opponent higher, giving you room to land the Ultra.

What sometimes helps me timing-wise (again, take this with a grain of salt as I am not consistent with this combo) is to whiff LK after the FADC while I’m piano-ing for EX Legs.

I will try to post a video if that will help.


Just finished uploading.



LOL I was just doing that very same ridiculous combo last night but it only came as a result of my trying to FADC into Ultra after b+MK x2 target combo, which by the way I don’t think will work. I tried and tried but couldn’t get it to come out though that could’ve been due to poor execution. :rolleyes:

In any case, imho this combo truly is “ridiculous” and only should be done for lulz.


If you have the time to land a b.mk, you might as well land a Hard Kick Super or the Ultra period.


Yeah just push them back with pokes and block strings, then go for it.


the combo is in the compendium… doesnt need to be fadc’d… half screen range.



Sorry about that Dime, I didn’t realize you already had it in there.

I haven’t tried the exact combo in the compendium, which is b+MK > MK > EX Legs > Ultra, but it seems, just by eyeballing it, that without the FADC forward, Chun doesn’t have the forward movement necessary to drive the opponent into the corner from half screen - especially not with just one use of EX Legs.

I trust your judgment though, so I will check it out.

By the way, I should clarify that by no means do I intend for this to be actually useful to anyone, I was just letting people know that it was possible. I am a firm believer that Chun has almost no reason to have full Super meter, and even if you are in a situation where you do have full Super meter, those EX stocks are better off used elsewhere.