Ridiculous chip damage

haha i was messin around with some low tier teams and i managed to pull off a chain of supers and DHC’s + assists to do over half life of chip damage on sentinel in the corner(i dont think it needs to be on sentinel, but thats who i was doing it on). i want to make a short vid to show you just cuz its so much funnier if you watch it.

It was inescapable, only 4 meters were used and i can safely say 60-70% of sentinels bar was gone.

so i was wondering if anyone else has some funny realistic shit with chip damage. when i say funny, i mean i want people to be like “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED TO ALL MY LIFE. I WAS BLOCKING”.

Sent is weak against blocking projectiles i think and he is so big that every shot hits him.

BB.Hood’s gun and servbot’s super both cause quite a lot of chip to sent.

i’m well aware of that. this thread isnt to ask what supers cause a lot of chip damage to sentinel. its not everyday that you see somebody do a little chip chain that does half life. sometimes 4 DHC’s that LAND dont even do as much damage as what i’ll post when i find my camera haha.

there aren’t too many situations where you can take off 70% of somebodies life from 4 realistic DHC’s. It can be done in a match, im pretty sure you can’t get out of it, and its good for the majority of sentinels life.

i want to know if other people on this board have similar funny combos that you can pull off in a match and do INSANE chip damage.

there is lots of weird crap in marvel man…if you do s.lp x2, sj.ad/f sj.lp, land super with omega red, it has this funny property that it suks you into him instead of pushes you away, and the super lasts a lot longer and actually does enough chip to mention, it makes it a good dhc to strider if somebody plays omega/strider/doom

also u ever mess around with silver sam his triple ice mode, if you c.lk x2 xx ice super, and you cross them up when you are going to the middle of the screen to slam the ice, sometimes that super does half life chip on its own

lots of crazy stuff in marvel…its just the meter efficiency blows balls

strider\doom is easily capable of chipping like that. 4 bars with s\d on a roll is damn near hard to stop if not impossible when done right. A double doom pattern w\orbs can take off 40%ish chip off of someone for a single bar. The dhc from sent to strider w\ a double doom rep can add up to hella chip if they stand and absorb it right. Also, doom chip is based upon how many rocks he happens to throw out when he releases them which is random. Sometimes you’ll get a good set and sometimes you wont.

cyke\doom has great chip for 1 bar.

silversam\servbot\spiral chip for hella life. iirc, it was something like 80%? off a THC. Old school combo video showing that.

servebot\doom can chip the fuck out of someone as well.

sent\doom in the corner: long bombs, s.lk+doom, s.rh, s.rp, s.lk, s.rh, s.rp, hsf, dash in, s.lk+doom, s.rh, s.rp, s.lk, s.rh, is 60% for one bar and you can readjust this pattern w\ some fly strings to fuck up guard cancel timing. Guaranteed when someone fucks up.

You can even further for more chip by adding the strider dhc in there after the 2nd doom call. You do the long bombs with sent, plasma cancel mash as long as possible, dhc strider and you’ll get 3 full doom corner chip patterns and when the whole thing is tallyed up, its probably around 90% chip. You can call doom as early as possible for his 3rd rep and use the end of orbs to reposition and chain out and try to get one more doom call depending on where the opponent push blocks. So 3 are guaranteed and 4 is possible. Your dead basically. CHIP MASTA!!!

3 bars for a potentially dead character. Ain’t no other teams that can compete when the word chip is involved. ssd will just chip the shit out of you end of story.

Storm, Doom, Tron. Team rape by chip damage son.

hehe, i figured s/d was gonna be mentioned. its just hard to find a s/d player that will entirely completely keep you in a trap. even though the local s/d player at my arcade in the zone has kept me in it successfully for a few bars before.

also tron/doom. that Drill/doom/drill is pretty damn crazy in the corner for no supers needed

Can Son-Son chip effectively?

tron on point is dutty, u can mask her QCF+KK even when blocked for mad chip. make sure uh ave an assist covering u. if u use tron as a 3rd character and she gets snapped in.

just do QCF+KH and mash then QCB+PP DHC out of there should do like 20 points of chip damage alone

Hell yes! When she transforms into the monkey, those flames do a LOT of chip. Especially if you are close to them. I know someone who uses son son and I remember one occasion where he did a shit ton of chip when I was trapped in the corner, crouching and blocking.

Awesome. I knew about the monkey, but I just wanted to make sure. I’m guessing that the cane super chips well also? Or is it just the monkey?

It seems the monkey will do more damage and is safer than the cane one. But if you have to use the cane it seems decent, doing probably 4 or 5 pixels of chip. If you get a chance at a close range monkey + fire breath, take that shit. It may depend on moving the stick and mashing. Maybe similar to wiggling/mashing ahvb? Seems similar in concept, but I dont play Son-Son myself. Just speaking based on what I have seen local Son-Son players do.

They both aren’t safe; they have slow recovery, and if you jump over the one where he turns into a monkey + tempest, that does about half his life.

I can do 100% in the corner with Ruby/Doom
40% with Ruby/Strider
40% with Morigan/Tron

Just a few holes I hafta patch up in a few of em.

dude…i just tested this with my SS/doom/cykes team vs blocking sent in corner.

Power up SS with fire mode.

j.fp, land, s.lp, s.fp, s.fp + doom xx qcf + fp xx qcf + pp, assist hits, s.lp, s.fp, s.fp xx qcf + p xx qcf + pp, DHC doom photon array, DHC Mega-optic blast.

it does 95% chip damage on sent!!!

i suddenly don’t feel so cool anymore haha

chipping characters for + 50% is old school. IIRC mike z was the first person to show that and I remember watching that video in high school. However, a majority of the teams that can chip like that usually have no real place in a real tourney aside from ssd. So no one ever really picks those types of teams except to show someone look how much chip this shit does.

I’m not scared to play those teams.
I’ll play Ruby/Doom/Sent against MSP, and I might win. Except for the alpha counter here and there.

There’s always the two Spiral Metamorph + 3x Iced up Samurai Ground assist THC that does 100% chip.

Triple Kobun chip is fuckin nuts.

Don’t believe me? I was playin my friend at a gamestore who brings his dreamcast everyday and plays MVC2. He went triple Kobun, the super where they have where they get tons of em like it’s the fuckin million man march. I don’t know the name. I call it the million man march super.

There is also a super where they come out on umbrellas. Also does mad chip.