Ridiculous chip damage

people that get hurt by servbot fail at mvc2.

go back to your mother.

It was just a casual game.

But I was prepared for bullshit like this, the moment I signed up. So if you posted that just to bother me. And maybe break me emotionally. You’re the real motherfucking failure.

I never seen anybody play triple kobun, I gotta try that x3 Kobun Rush sometime. I’m sure it does an automatic 75-90% damage if caught. Probably not worth the bars, but worthwhile seeing!

break you emotionally?

wow, the internet… serious business. :lame:

Yeah…lemme get my suit and tie

Fired Up SIlver Samurai, Regular Shuriken xx Super Shuriken, DHC Doom Photons, DHC Sabretooth Birdie SUper. On sentinel, will do at least half life.

the samurai + doom rocks would take off a nice chunk. fuck that, fired up, call doom rocks qcf+p xx qcf+pp, DHC anakaris snakes super = 103 owned. just tried it. wow.

Learn to tigerknee drills with Tron and you got yourself the best chipper there. Tron/Doom always works best but I usually like Sentinel/Tron/Doom for a slight fun team.

Um, she can turn around when in the ape form. The A.I. just doesnt do it.

if you’re right above and do it soon enough it won’t matter…she’s gonna take a lot of damage.

I agree. Samurai is a chip machine on his own, paired with doom rocks and it is even worse!

mixup was telln me the other day that mike z has the drill setup on sent with tron that chips for 50% for 3 drills. Its guaranteed @ a certain angle and the way you have to hit the buttons to chip is different than usual. Theres like a certain way you gotta mash it so it maxes out. Crazy though.

iced up samurai (3x), launch them and do air combo fast, ull land behind them and immediately ice super+call doom, the ice super will chip half their life and doom will do chip as well, that almost 60%-70% life chipped from one combo.

is everyone aware of iced up samruai glitch?

The hitbox on her uppercut is ridiculous, and her super armor in that form will knock ppl out of most supers. You can anticipate ppl. coming in high, cause a square jump just catches uppercuts, not to mention if they are in block stun or hit stun when you activate the super, they cant really get out very well anyway. Sure its a bad super, I don’t argue that, but its alot more versatile than most think. You can catch people who underestimate it quite a bit. If they catch her when she transforms back though, its over.

Whats up with the SS ice glitch now?

Oh, and to whoever felt they needed to lower my rep for mentioning that son-son can turn around during her super…would prolly lose to me in marvel…badly.

still there’s a place where it won’t matter, especially because hitstun will stop her from moving until you’re ready to block again.

don’t worry, I don’t underestimate it :rolleyes:

Hehe I just discovered Tron/Spiral-a. Do jab-medium with Tron + Spiral, if they don’t pushblock, rinse & repeat.

If they pushblock Tron, xx into the light drill, then rinse & repeat.

My pal was pushblocking like crazy and couldn’t get his assist out. I think if perfected, that could be a mean trap.

I believe you.:sweat:

Ive been messing with Doom/Sent/Iceman

Its pretty funny when they try to escape the jump+gun trap + Iceman PA
It chains for a rep of gun/icebeam/gun if you time it right. Nasty chip every time they block it.

Starting Iceman is amazing cheese too. Icebeam spamming+Doom AAA does mad chip, and its pretty hard to get in if you are good at pushing them back with icebeams.
You can use his c.RH like Iron Mans s.RH if they get in over you, and you can link Magic Series> Arctic Attack > HSF.

When Sentinel comes out it gets pretty nasty. If you are playing at a distance you can do the c.FPxxFlyXXunflyxxc.FP and throw the Icebeam in there.
If you are chipping with HSF>c.FP>HSF calling iceman right after the c.FP makes it harder to Guard cancel out of the HSF.
You can also fast fly short+IcemanPA , f.FP, rocket punch as if it were mags PA.
Even if you happen to miss the timing on icebeam, or the fast fly, they still eat the chip.

If you like being fancy, you can also use Iceman PA for the traditional sent 50 hit, which brings it up about 6-7 hits for all the combo counter mongers out there.

It kinda sucks against Sent+CapCom or Sent+Cyke but plays pretty well in most other top tier situations. Its fun to play, I like it, mad cheese for sure.

From what I’ve read MikeZ just mashes ONE kick button to get 19+ hits off the Tron Drill. If you can get 19+ hits with drilling there’s a lot of options and combos available to you Doom/Tron.