Ridiculous SRK Motions (Training Mode Input Display Pics & Video)

Theres been alot of compaining about DP shortcuts, so I decided to post up some shots of some rediculas motions that result in an unwanted SRK.

The Pics are not very good quality, but hay, its the only cam i got.


Here is the video on YouTube.

:d: :r: :hp:? Am I seeing that right?

I lol’d when I saw that one

My problem is that I get super when I do a shoryu and I have a full bar. This is very frustrating for me when I practice Viper’s FFF in training mode.

While the SRK motions can get stupid, I think part of this is inaccuracy in the training mode readout or something along those lines. I mean, if those were accurate readouts as to how to do shoryukens no one would ever do a hadouken. I think it’s probably abbreviating a diagonal or something when it goes from down to forward or forward to down.

:d: :r: appears to be a shortcut for qcf.

:d: :r: :d: :r: :p:/:3p: Will trigger super/ultra aswell

Edit, woops, this doesn’t justify the dp motion ofcourse

This is freaking messed up. Bring back the Alpha 3 system.

I always see that one on replays

But I’ve always done f+qcf+p for shoryukens, I really don’t see the problem there.

Even in games like MvC2, or any SF game before Alpha 3…I never played any of the 3s :3

Didn’t check the vid, but you may have missed

:df::d::df: :p:

His point is that those inputs should have given him a hadoken and not a shoryuken.

The problem isn’t that shoryukens are easy to perform, the problem is that a shoryuken occurs when performing another move. For example some characters cannot walk forward and throw a fireball (which is a huge issue imo), unless they pause awkwardly at some point during the execution of the move.

You’ll see people say to start the fireball from down back, you’ll see others say to continue the arc to up forward - those might appear to be a solution due to the slight delay they add, however when done quickly enough they still end up in a shoryuken.

Lots of times I wished that there was a “neutral” button that when pressed would clear the entire back-buffer of commands whatsoever. So then you can walk forward and throw an hadouken without having to pause, something like release forward then immediately press neutral, then QCF press Punch.

Contrary to popular belief, moving the stick/pad into the neutral position does not clear the previous directional inputs.

The inability to walk forward and immediately throw an hadouken isn’t only limited to SF4, this issue is in previous SF games as well though not as noticeable or problematic, as SF4 is more lenient with input timing.

I agree completely with many complaints about these input howlers. The developer mentioned he wanted to see in forums what could be done to improve the game, well many of these shortcuts would be a good start.

Has anyone else realised that when you walk backwards in this game, you cannot immediately jump forwards? Start backwalking in practice, then press :uf: and it’ll jump back!

(same with walking forwards in vice versa)

That’s how ridiculous this input stuff is.

I thought the point was to test for unusual SRK motions.

Contrary to popular belief, a walking hadouken will always give an SRK because of overlapping inputs. It’s been this way since World Warrior. The reason it gives a fireball in some of the previous games is because of a stricter input timing window. If you do the motion within the window, an SRK will come out every time (unless the opponent is in a throwable state - see below)

Fireball motion SRK’s are used for tick-throw option selects in ST


Is this really true. There has been MANY times when i jumped in the wrong direction and could swear i did not jump in that direction.

It’s true.

What kind of fool would need irremoveable auto correction to help them jump the right way?

Anyways, I think it’s in reality a side effect of the way the input system is built. The :l: still being stored and overiding the :r: part of your next direction.

The point of this thread is basically because alot of people have been complaining about getting DPs that they did not want. the video shows that it is 100% true that DP’s will come out from some motions that are not even very close to:dp::p:.

you can get a DP without ever inputting:df:. even if you press :l: before your attack button you still get a DP.

Say if you buffer a DP, but then quickly want a standing strong. you would think holding :l: would make the DP not come out. even if you do hit the 3 proper directions, you can have extra inputs between them or after them.

It’s true that for some of these to work, they have to be done very quickly, but in fighting games decisions are made very fast all the time.

The main problem is not necessarily even the shortcuts (although some of them are strange). It just seems that the window for SRK motions is too big. I personally like the :df::df::p: one for quickly DPing from crouch.

Well, another one I hate is when I’m looking for an FADC into an Ultra and get an EX Shoryuken, seeing that the game has read :qcf::d::df::df: :3p:.

What I’m wondering then is why it has registered the :df: twice when I should need to have to go neutral and then back to :df: to get that. South-east-east on the directions must still favour :df:, I pressume.


Most common scenario for this problem is when you have a fireball coming your way and hold :l: to block it, but it’s a slow fireball or for whatever reason, you realise you have time to jump it. You hit :uf: to jump over it and get a backwards jump… eat the fireball.

People lose games over that property. I know I have.

I agree that this is annoying, but there are ways to creatively put this “feature” of game mechanics to use for your advantage…

Think option select… :slight_smile:

Now that you mention it… a couple of times I did a dp when trying to do a qcb motion.