Riding the gate, wore out TE stick? replacing it. x360

so i found out yesterday after using another person’s stick that something is wrong with my x360 round 1 TE stick. i tend to ride the gate (hit the walls) i guess kind of roughly but i was under the impression that these sticks could take a beating. anyways the problem is that it isnt as sensitive so i have to move the joystick closer to the wall for it to register which is pretty annoying for 3s dashing. is this the result of riding the gate hard? i heard that there have been bugs with some round 1 TE sticks so i wonder if this is a common problem. anyways, i’d like to replace it, so can i just order a sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK from lizardlick without the wire harness and replace it with a couple screwdrivers just like in this guide: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=175882 ?


are you Hulk Hogan?

You probably don’t have to go so far as ordering a whole new stick, you can get just the gate separately from Lizardlick for way cheaper. It’ll be quicker to replace than swapping out the whole joystick too.

yea i really dont think i was doing it hard enough to mess with it so i dont know

im not entirely sure what a gate is or which one came with the TE. which one should i order and i cant seem to find any guides here on how to replace one

also are you sure just replacing the gate would be the solution?

sounds like microswitches to me…

Kind of a huge ass pic, but that’s the gate that comes stock on the JLFs. You can find it towards the bottom of Lizardlicks’ website under arcade parts > joysticks. It’s the Sanwa GT-8F 4/8 way restrictor plate.

Replacing them is hella easy. All you need to do is remove the bottom plate of your TE stick (six phillips screws I think) and the you’ll see the bottom of the joystick. Just press on the tabs and the gate just pops right off.

EDIT: Good point Neo, it could well be the microswitches. You can get those separately too, just as easy to replace also since once the gate is off, those things just pop right out after you disconnect the harness. Might have to take the top plate off for that though.

i can pretty much guarantee it’s not the gate (the clear plastic thing with the square)
those thing will pretty much always be just like new even after years of use in an actual arcade.

it sounds like what you want is a new switch assembly.

that’s the pcb with the 4 black / red switches soddered to it. (also the part that actually plugs into the controller pcb)

it’s called the Sanwa TP-MA Replacement PCB Switch Assembly
on the site and looks like this:

edit: you may or may not also want to get a new sanwa jlf spring just to give it a little bit more of that new feeling again. (doesn’t make that much of a difference most of the time but i think it’s only $1. some people even like to double up the springs)

thanks so much guys, ill let you know how it goes! hopefully i can remove it with the ease drift said
also, how do you double up the springs exactly? i saw it in a video but i dont want to mess it up if i try it

Wow, can I get a picture of the stick? JLF as well as other sticks can last for years in arcades, so I’m curious how you could damage yours so much. Anyways, I agree with Deci that it might be the TPMA assembly. It’ll cost maybe $12-15 dollars.

Take one spring and intertwine it into the other. Pretty simple, actually. For a JLF, you’d want a LS-33 spring if you want to double up. Some people have also bought a pack of springs from Home Depot, and used one of those springs with great success, but you can experiment.

just replace the microswitch pcb.

Like other people have said, this sounds like more of a microswitch problem than gate.

Also id try spring modding it so you have to put more force into moving etc so you aren’t overpowering your stick and beating your microswitches to hell

Open it up and take a pic. Those things usually last for years.

First stick I had ever owned was beat to shit because I didn’t know any better. The gate was chipped and rounded a tid-bit (square gate) but I doubt that could cause the symptoms you are describing. The springs are very…very…very difficult to deform. That’s just the nature of physics. Must it be the switches? Who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Open it up and show us pics :slight_smile:

Edit: You should totally take your stick apart and click the switches with your fingers.