Riding the Gate?

I’ve been reading a lot that I shouldn’t be riding the gate when I play, and this isn’t really a problem for me playing most execution heavy characters and shotos, but when I play charge characters I find myself using a lot of force to execute as hitting corners feels less natural to me than QCF/QCB, etc.

Will this effect my game at all, or just shorten the life of my stick? I guess regardless it’s a lose lose situation, so any tips on learning to not ride the gate so hard?


Yeah I kinda realized I answered my question myself anyways, but thanks for the link. Seems like common opinion is that many charge players ride the gate while little to no shoto/heavy execution players ride it heavily.

I kinda figured out that for charge I just need to ride it a little less hard, as riding it is helpful. This can be deleted if a mod sees it as I pretty much answered my own question with a little help from that thread linked above…

Riding the gate isn’t bad per say; however, it is more efficient to input command moves without doing so. That said, there is nothing wrong with riding the gate when charging. In fact, I reckon that most people playing charge characters liberally ride the gate to guarantee they are always charging. Riding the gate and making forceful movements on its own shouldn’t be enough to break a sturdy stick (TE for example) unless you are really slamming the thing.