Right. Down, Down Right - I suck at it

So any move that uses R, D, DR (for instance, Phoenix’s TK Overdrive) I just suck at but it’s something that’s absolutely essential to know.

I’m using a friends fight stick and I’m still just not good at it. I go into training and try to do it 15 times in a row (5 L, 5 M, 5 H) and I can eventually do it, it’s just incredibly hard.

I know the obvious answer is practice (which I’m doing), but are there any pointers for pulling that move off easier?

The only advice I could give you is to consider the motion instead as forward, then a hadoken motion (quarter circle forward). So the input is:

F, D, DF, F

Maybe it’ll help you out, I don’t know, but the main thing is just to keep practicing.
And in the future, please don’t make new threads like this, just ask in the basics thread, where you should get an answer quite quickly.

Try changing your grip. Sometimes changing the grip makes the hugest difference in your playing ability.
There are certain ways to do one motion or another, but it depends on the grip :\

So this is what… tripping into the missionary position?

As I see it.

Threads like this should go in the MvC3 Basics thread - or in the Newbie Training Dojo forum. :tup:

Your using a fight stick, is it a square gate? meaning the joystick moves around a box?
that way you can just do forward, down, then hit the bottom right corner of the box.

as long as you hit forward, then the bottom right corner (you can even feel it lock into the corner) then the motion should come out.

right down downright is called a shoryuken(.com) motion, or srk for short.

if its not a square gate or its a pad, I like to do forward then a fireball motion (overextend yourself a bit)
Youll note that if you press forward right before a fireball, it will most likely turn into a srk


I would do the shoryuken motion in training mode, try doing 15 without fail on each side of the screen
THEN try doing the it after a jump, or while crouching, or while holding back or combo into it after some other hits.

Well doing this on the xbox controller is hell, obviously i don’t use the d-pad so i use the joystick with my thumb. If i could get a dollar for every missed super… I’m afraid the best advice i could give you is to practice go to mission mode and go nuts, it really helps

Pretty much this. I always thought of the srk motion as forward then half of a fireball motion, or a fireball motion with early punch input.

I know how you feel … my solution was getting a fightstick… lol then my xbox brok so I got a PS3 I for some reason on THIS GAME (and not tekken lol) have trouble doing f,d,df on the D-PAD, why i do not know… but i can do it 100% on the analog stick… I am waiting for the PS3 converter for my 360 TE stick so i can remedy this problem. maybe it is the calluses on my thumb getting in the way… haha